How to Avoid Drama (the not so obvious way)

Decide what thing you really want to focus on. Just one thing. Make it your mission.

Commit to becoming really good at it. A master. An expert. A world-class performer.

Do it every single day, whatever happens. Regardless of your situation, you will find time to work on it. You must focus. Have tunnel vision.

Otherwise, you’re just fooling yourself into believing you’ll become a master. Effort should match the ambition.

Soon the more you spend time and energy (and money) on it, you’ll realize how ignorant you’ve been. There are no shortcuts. You have to experience it to gain understanding.

More experience means more learning.

But here’s the surprising part: If you do this every day, you’ll also overlook other things happening around you — not all, but most. Those things that don’t support your mission. You unconsciously ignore them. Because you’re so focused!

For others, you’re selfish. But for you, you’re doing the world a favor. Because once you accomplished that mission, once you become a master, you will be more useful to a group of people.

Do this every day, and you’ll never have the time and energy to deal with dramas that other people put on you.