Zero to Ten is Enough

I finally got back to running/jogging last week — thanks to coach Mandy Keene.

Even better my younger brother visited. So we did it together.

I can say that having a companion helps. More fun and exciting. We even played basketball afterward as we both felt the momentum.

This morning, I did it again. I jogged for a few minutes. Felt exhausted immediately. While walking trying to recover, I realized I can still push myself because why not?

But I didn’t — I was already catching my breath! That’s enough for today. Take it easy. Do it again tomorrow.

Before the pandemic (before I became a parent), I used to run every day.

I remember one morning I almost collapsed because I pushed myself beyond my limits. I was out of breath and could barely see. Anxiety kicked in. I knew I would lose consciousness in no time.

I managed to stay calm. I recovered and went home as if nothing happened. But I will never forget that day.

So every time I push myself too hard, my brain automatically remembers that event. It’s scary.

And although I admit that sometimes I have no other choice but do it, there are also times when pushing ourselves really hard isn’t the right thing to do.

A little bit more is enough.

“Zero to ten” is better than “zero to zero”.

Of course “zero to a hundred” is the best! If you’re training for a marathon, go do it. If you want to win a competition, go do it. Outwork everyone. Exhaust yourself every single day. Push, push, push.

On the other hand, if you want consistency, pushing yourself a little bit more (not beyond your limits) is enough. Since you won’t injure or exhaust yourself, you can rejuvenate faster. You can do it again tomorrow. You have more time for other things as well.

Sure, you can always push yourself beyond your limits or just a little bit more. Depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

Know what you’re aiming for. Direct your efforts accordingly.

One approach is not for everything.

Yes. I’ll do it again tomorrow.