How to Feel “Enough”

Most people I know never feel enough.

And with social media, that feeling is even more amplified.

We say to ourselves we should be doing better or living life differently or investing in cryptocurrencies because that’s what others are doing. Otherwise, we’re left behind. We’re being stupid for not taking advantage of the opportunities.

You can interpret it either bad or good. If you think you don’t need more, good for you. But if you think you need more, then go for it! Who cares. All up to you. Use that feeling to drive you to do your thing.

However, there’s always a drawback.

To those in the “need more” camp, I think you know what I’m saying here — it is that weird feeling of “not enough” despite the fact that you already have more.

So what happens then? You crank it up again, push the turbo button, and grind. Hustle. “I want that money. That success. That body.”

And the loop continues. It never ends.

To an extent, I agree humans aren’t born to be satisfied with what we have. One reason we’ve built empires and become a dominant species throughout the years is because of our hunger for growth and progress — a desire for more and better.

This means, feeling enough is not our default setting.

And this also means that if we try to practice “feeling enough”, it would take us time and effort to master it! It’s hard.

If you don’t want to feel enough, that’s fine. Go ahead and continue grinding and hustling and competing. Maybe you really need more right now. So don’t listen to me.

But if you want to give it a try just for this moment, I’d appreciate that. Here’s what works for me:

Close your eyes. Think about the moments or activities that truly matter to you. What are those?

It could be spending quality time with your loved ones. Or it could be performing your art and you’re in a flow state.

Think about those moments you don’t feel any pressure or stress at all. You’re just being present in the moment. Think about all of them. Let that sink in.

Then imagine, you’d only have an hour to live.

One hour, my friend.

60… 59… 58… 57… 56…

What’s the point of more grinding and hustling and competing, you’ll die in an hour anyway?

All those time and energy… they’re all for nothing. Wasted.

Why not fully embrace who you are and accept whatever you have and wherever you are right now? (Why not do more of those things that truly matter to you?)

This is reality. Your life. It’s happening right now.

Of course this doesn’t mean you’ll not do things anymore. Instead it’s the other way around.

Because when you feel you’re enough, you’re coming from a place of love and acceptance¬†— you will love yourself and others more and accept them for who they are, and accept reality as it is.

You’ll do things in a relaxed way. You’ll approach it calmly. You’ll enjoy it more. You won’t feel the need to compete with others. You’re just flowing at your own natural pace. Effortlessly. Smoothly.

Takeaway: (1) Be at peace with yourself, accept who you really are, your limitations, and circumstances, and what reality is. (2) Then you feel enough (then you do things in a relaxed way). (3) Inner peace kicks in. Repeat.