I Want to Become Like “that” to be Happy and Successful?

“Someday, I want to become that kind of person.”

Sure. Why not? But don’t confuse it with happiness and success.


Having a goal isn’t always a requirement to be happy.

Happiness is a state, not a result. Which means, we can choose to be happy right now whatever our situation is. We only need to see things from a different point of view. And change our interpretation about our circumstances.

However, that’s not our default. That’s why nobody wants to do that. It’s hard.

Most people prefer buying something or experiencing luxury so they can feel that pleasure — which is not the kind of happiness we crave.

That’s the problem. We confuse pleasure and happiness.

Happiness, at its core, is the realization that nothing is missing. And we can simply switch to that state if we want to. It’s a skill we can all learn. But it’s not that easy to be honest (I’m still not good at it).

Here’s what I try to do almost every day: Happiness Formula.


There are two kinds of success: Internal and External

  1. External success could mean having lots of money, achieving a high social status, or owning material possessions.
  2. Internal success, on the other hand, is simply inner peace — in other words, feeling good inside.

Of course we can have both. But most people only focus on the external — social status, money, and material possessions.

That’s fine. But we have to be honest with ourselves: Which kind of success is more worth pursuing in the bigger picture? Which one is more important? Which one do we really need?

The Present

You can argue all day what means to be happy or successful. We have different interpretations. But you can’t deny the truth:

You don’t need things outside yourself to feel happy or successful.

Look at your present moment. Right in front of you. Nothing’s missing. You’re alive and safe (and your loved ones, too). That realization alone is powerful.

And most of the time, that’s all you need.