It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

It always fascinates me when people messaged because they loved what I wrote in spite of it not being perfect.

I reread, puzzled why many love my own little world.

Because it resonated with them.

Whenever I perform with my band, I usually lose track of time. Because it’s so fun. Sometimes I hit the wrong notes. Sometimes I forget about the sequence! But I noticed the audience was enjoying and having a good time. They didn’t care about my mistakes. They just enjoyed the music.

Mona Lisa wasn’t perfect. Harry Potter either. Even some of the best albums of all time had flaws.

Our desire for perfection could be a good thing in some cases. The downside is that sometimes, it ruins the fun. It hinders progress.

And what’s worse, we never start anything.

The key is to know whether what we’re doing needs perfection or not. In the case of making art, it doesn’t have to be.

When people like what you’ve created, that doesn’t always mean it’s perfect. It just means they can relate to it.

Create → Ship →  Learn → Improve → Repeat

(PS: I’m working on a new creative project with 2 talented writers. We’ll ship it soon!)