What’s Your Advantage?

If you’re born in a first world country like the US and Australia, that’s already your advantage. You have more opportunities and privileges than the people in the third world.

But if you’re not from the first world, yet you’re born and raised in a wealthy or powerful family, that’s a huge advantage, too, by any means.

If you’re not from those two categories, however (I’m not one either), think about these:

  • You have supportive friends and family.
  • You live in a safe and comfortable place.
  • You have a smartphone or computer
  • You have access to the Internet.
  • You can eat decent meals three times a day.
  • You are still employed (despite the economic crisis).
  • You landed a high-paying job through a friend or family.
  • Your parents still support you financially even though you’re an adult.

And if you still think you don’t have any of those advantages, pay attention to the most fundamental thing you have: A healthy mind and body.

If you have a well-functioning mind and body, that’s already your advantage.

There’s no excuse why you can’t achieve your dreams or reach your highest potential.

You have an advantage one way or another. Be grateful whatever it is.

Don’t squander it.

Use it to achieve your dreams, and better yourself, your situation, and the people around you.