It’s Not About What You Know, But What You Do

Yes, you know that chasing material possessions isn’t fulfilling.

You know that there is more to life than earning more money.

You know that life is not that long…

And you need to do what you love right now and see new places and experience life to the fullest and so many things you want to accomplish before you die.

Yes you know it. We all know it.

But we’re not doing it.

Because knowing and doing are two different things.

What we know doesn’t really matter. It’s what we do that matters more.

Because even if we know how to boost our income, or how to manage our time and improve ourselves, yet we’re not doing it, what’s the point?

And even if we know that reading non-fiction books is beneficial or exercising and eating healthy foods is paramount, yet we’re not doing it, again what’s the point?

Knowing is just one step. The next step is to discern the things we know — are they good or bad? — and then, practice only the good things in our life.

Because knowledge and action goes together.

They are a team. And we need both of them.

I love what the bestselling author James Belasco said:

“Knowledge is nothing without action. Nothing changes until you do something. What you do will directly determine what you learn.”

Hey. I don’t want to sound hypocritical. There were times that I don’t do what I know is right for me. For example, I’m aware it’s not going to make me happy or fulfilled, yet I do it for the sake of pleasing people. Damn.

This made me wonder why we humans keep fooling ourselves. We live this very short life, yet we don’t have the ability to fully control ourselves.

One solution I’ve been practicing is to determine the things that matter to me and focus on them.

These are my loved ones, passion (writing, playing music, creating), self-improvement, meaningful experiences, and job (source of income).

These are what matter to me right now. And who knows, it might change in the future. But for now, they are my priorities and everything else is secondary.

Ah yes. I know that they are my priorities.

The question is, “Am I doing what I know?”

Because it’s not about what we know.

It’s what we do that matters.

“We are our choices.”Jean-Paul Sartre

It's not what you know, but what you do
You’ve heard these sayings before, right? But are you practicing them?

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Jade Panugan

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