Drop Your Excuses: Get Inspired or Be an Inspiration

He told me it’s the one thing he really loves to do. So he learned how to record his own metal songs. Now he has released quite enough music to hook my ears.

Truth is, he would love to have a band, but because of the busy schedule, he decided to go solo — for now I suppose.

I was blown away.

It was inspiring to know that someone out there is doing great work without falling into the trap of excuses.

I had mixed feelings of fascination and maybe a little envy? But I dropped the envy, and just be fascinated. Envy ruins the fun.

And despite his success, he remains humble. I told him I wanted to program drums to fast-track our songwriting. And he’s kind enough to share the drum software he used — good thing it’s a free software and I can’t wait to start experimenting with it.

After our conversation, I was inspired to continue making my dreams a reality. I feel unstoppable.

But that’s not the point. The point is:

Excuses, as always, are stupid stories we tell ourselves.

If we really want something, if it really matters to us, we’ll find a way to make it happen — whether it’s starting a business, building a product, writing music, traveling, learning a new skill, and so on.

“But I can’t…

…start my creative projects because I lack resources.” There are always alternatives.

“I can’t do what I love because of time and money.” Again, there are always alternatives.

Because if you really want it bad enough, you’ll find a way.

Maybe you need to get inspired. I’ve learned that inspirations lead to actions. And actions — the right actions — are where it all starts.

There are many ways to get inspired. Look around. See how others pursue their dreams — how they work, the things they sacrifice, what methods they use, and on and on.

Also you can get inspired by just a random conversation (just like what happened to me). Who would have thought? Or maybe it’s the other way around — you can be an inspiration to others. Win-win.