Luck? Universe? God?

I’ve heard it many times.

People who attribute their success to luck, the universe, or god.

“I got lucky!”

“The universe made it happen!”

“It’s God’s will!”

For those who attribute their success to “luck”, I feel like they were just surprised. No expectations. They’re the right person at the right time. But I also think they can’t find the right words to explain how and why.

Those who claim it was all the universe conspiring to make it happen, I feel like they believe that there’s a mysterious force out there guiding people’s lives. But who can tell what really happened?

And those who mention “god”, I feel like they’re being religious or spiritual. That they followed what their church leaders advised. Because they prayed for it. Worked for it. And it’s god’s will.

I can’t deny that a part of me thinks it’s their hard work, courage, knowledge, skill + opportunities.

It’s hard to know. And as someone who constantly thinks about these things, I am settling for this answer, for now (thanks to Noah Kagan):

It all points to humility.

Those who credit their achievements to luck, the universe, or god means they acknowledge the random forces at play, which are unpredictable and uncontrollable — no matter how talented, skillful, or knowledgeable they are. And whether or not they are aware of it.

It’s not just one person who made it happen. Something, someone, and a constellation of many things were involved.