That’s the Only Way

Anything could go wrong. Anything is uncertain.

Nothing is perfect. It will never be.

Pain and suffering are part of life. It’s impossible without them.

It’s challenging. Stressful. Frustrating.

And that’s the only way.

The. Only. Way.

If you often expect things to go that way… and you’ve trained and prepared yourself for it…

You will become unbreakable.

Because difficulty has become your default. You won’t wish to change things. You’ll just try your best to get through it.

Because you know that’s the only way.

And when you hear someone complain why life is so hard, you’ll just say:

“What are you talking about? That’s how it is. It’s the only way.”

Ironically though, life is not all pain — sometimes you’re on the upside.

And it might surprise you because you’re used to being on the downside.

But you also understand that it’s not forever– it’s just a bonus.

Sooner or later, there goes the pain again.

But that’s nothing to you.

After all, that’s the only way.