Money or Time? Awareness and Boundary

What most modern people want is to have enough money and more time.

Money + Time  = Ideal life

But we have to remember the tradeoff (there’s always a tradeoff).

Earning more money (the right way) would consume time. There’s a sacrifice. We might consider setting aside some hobbies or entertainment, and instead, use our free time to earn more.

On the other hand, if we want more time, we might consider letting go of our money-making ventures, so we can have more time for other important matters — especially the things we love doing.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with choosing more time over more money, or choosing more money over more time.

Point is, we should be aware of what we really need (right now). And then set a clear boundary.

This boundary will prevent us from overworking or overindulging. It will signal us when to stop so we can switch to the other side if needed. Hopefully.

Awareness + Boundary

Do you still need to earn more? Or do you need to spend more time with your loved ones, or do the things that give you joy?

Everyone knows that too much of anything doesn’t do good.