Because It’s Not the End of the World

The tea spilled in the plastic bag as I rode back home. I wonder why it’s brown, “Oh it was mocha, not matcha tea!”

It was supposedly tea. I told them matcha (not mocha, whatever). The cashier even confirmed it was matcha tea before I made the order. How come they made that mistake?

Crap. I went back to the coffee shop for justice.

My expectations were either: (1) the supervisor would berate the employee, which usually happens when an employee made mistakes, or (2) the cashier would cover her mistake and blame me instead.

Bad things will happen?

I’m ready. Here we go.

(Entering the coffee shop….)

Not the end of the world coffee shop

“We’re very sorry sir.” The cashier apologized. She’s obviously embarrassed, yet very sincere. She promised they’d get my tea and assured that everything will be fine.

The cashier relayed the bad news to the rest of the staff and one of them jested, “it was matcha, not mocha!” Then followed by a giggle, then another giggle, and everyone was joking and laughing.

I didn’t expect that.

Often we rage at minor mistakes, like when our employee fails to submit a report or when the waiter gives us the wrong food.

But if we try to pause for a second and zoom out, hey what’s the rage for? That’s just someone’s mistake. It’s not the end of the world.

Give someone a chance to correct their mistakes and learn.

Because what already happened can never be changed.

But we can — and always can — correct our mistakes and better our present.

Again, respond not react.