Pandemic Crisis: When Criticizing Becomes a Priority

So you’re mad because of their opinions about the government.

You’re mad because they didn’t understand what the authorities advised.

You’re mad because it’s clear to you that they are dumb.

And yes, because you believe you’re right and a better individual. Right?

Maybe. But you should also consider other reasons.

Maybe you are just anxious and scared about the pandemic. And criticizing others’ behaviors makes you feel good. It gives you some sort of purpose.

Home quarantine even makes it better:

Binge-watching Netflix shows + Facebook scrolling + criticizing.

Perfect combination.

Here’s what happens when we criticize people during the pandemic crisis:

  1. We waste our time.
  2. We lose our inner peace.
  3. We add noise to an already noisy world.

The hours you spent criticizing others, commenting on their posts, berating how dumb they are… are hours you could have spent on more important matters.

You could have used those hours for calling a loved one, or cooperating with groups of people who are helping the frontliners, or cultivating inner peace like meditation or praying.

You could have used those hours for reading books, developing a new skill, creating art, cleaning your room, or maybe… just do nothing. Whatever as long as you’re not hurting people and ruining your inner peace.

Or try this: Imagine you are infected with the virus.

For real, close your eyes and imagine you’re lying in bed not feeling well. Do you think criticizing people will still matter to you?

Don’t let your desire-to-be-always-right dictate your actions. We live in a noisy world. Don’t add noise.

It’s always better to understand, rather than trying to be right.