So You Want to Escape the Pandemic? Let’s Time Travel

I understand how you feel about the pandemic crisis, and how you hated some people for being a dumbass.

And maybe the worst part is that life has become boring as hell.

You can’t hang out with your friends. You can’t go to the places you wanted.

Not to mention your worries are over the roof! Businesses are closing. Economy is collapsing. And the government seems losing control.

Sorry. You can’t do anything about it other than staying healthy, staying at home, and washing your hands frequently. That’s it.

But don’t worry. As the old adage says, “There’s always a bright side”.


Fine. I’ll get you out of here.

Let me think…

Okay. Let’s revisit the glorious 2018.


1… 2… 3…


Pandemic Crisis Time Travel
(Source: Flickr / National Museum of Health and Medicine | Emergency hospital in Camp Funston, Kansas, in the midst of the influenza epidemic. Date: 1918)

Crap! This isn’t 2018.

It’s 1918!

This was the outbreak of Spanish Flu Pandemic, which lasted from 1918 – 1920.

No. We shouldn’t be here.

1… 2… 3…

Damn, it’s broken. The time machine is broken!

Don’t worry. I can fix this.

But first, call your family. Tell them you might be gone for a day or two or…

No. That’s impossible.

Forget it. I’ll just focus on repairing.

While you, you entertain yourself. Okay?

Crap! There’s no Netflix.

No Facebook.

No Twitter.

No Instagram.

No emails.

No music/video streaming.

No online games.


Hey, calm down.


You are perfectly okay.

Pandemic Crisis Time Travel clock

(Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash)

1… 2… 3…

Welcome back to 2020

I thought you wanted to escape?