Self-care is Free

Self-care is taking care of your overall well-being — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

And it’s always possible. Always realistic. Always within your control. No need to spend on anything (most of the time).

All you need to do is make a list of the things that are good for you.

Things that spark joy in your daily life. Things that make you jump out of your bed! Things that give you peace.

Then check off as many as possible every single day.

  • Wake up early when everyone’s asleep
  • A morning walk. Immerse in nature
  • Exercise, stretch, or any activity that makes you sweat
  • Pray for gratitude (even if you don’t believe in a divine entity)
  • Eat healthy food and drink enough water
  • Smile and laugh (repeat)
  • Message a loved one, and ask them how they are
  • Read a book that you really, really connect with
  • Listen to music that inspires you
  • Meditate. Or just be alone
  • Write down your thoughts
  • Focus only on one thing at a time
  • Hobbies: gardening, writing, playing music, painting, etc.
  • Get enough sleep

The list goes on.

To make sure nothing prevents you from doing those things, write down the don’ts as well. Then eliminate — or at least minimize — them from your life.

  • Gossiping and comparing
  • Not being intentional with your time and attention
  • Dealing with toxic people
  • Not having clear boundaries
  • Mindlessly scrolling on social media
  • Complaining and complaining
  • Overworking and overeating
  • Sleep-deprivation
  • Vices

Keep going. Modify the lists from time to time. Question them.

What are other things that destroy your peace?

And what else can you do to take care of yourself?