Starting Point

It can be tempting to make excuses why you can’t achieve that crazy dream.

There are so many things to blame. Your country. Your parents. Your community. Your physical inadequacy. And on and on.

Now you’re losing hope — or maybe not. Maybe you’re just researching. Asking questions. Seeking answers.

Or maybe just waiting for the right time…. that moment… that time…

But, we all know this.

Waiting for the perfect right time is a trap in disguise.

In a sense, there’s no right time. You’re just delaying what you could have started already regardless of what you have right now.

That’s the point.

Just start whatever it is using whatever resources you have right now.

Instead of spewing a million excuses, focus on that one small thing that could give you a start.

What is it? Really. What one small thing you need that can give you a start? Figure that out.

Then start taking action. One by one.

It won’t be perfect. It won’t make the people go wild — no, not yet.

But you’ll learn a lot (from your silly mistakes). For sure. You’ll understand the hard work behind it. You’ll taste what it really is. You’ll meet interesting people. You’ll acquire the necessary insights you need to make the right decisions in the future.

The key in every pursuit is to start somewhere and learn along the way.

It’s challenging, sometimes scary. But that’s how great things should be. Because if it’s easy and accessible, then everybody would do it.