If You Can Only Do One Thing in Life, What Would it Be?

Deep inside, you know who you are. You just keep denying it because of others’ expectations.

But it’s about time to be brutally honest with yourself. Right now. Ask yourself what it is.

What is that one thing you’d really love to do?

If you can’t come up with a solid answer, try amplifying it with another hard question: If you can only live a year from now, what would you do?

Combine the two and you’ll get a powerful answer.

Would you die while living a life you really wanted for yourself, or a fake life that other people designed for you?

Of course it’s kind of impossible to do just one thing for the rest of our lives. We are multi-faceted creatures who can juggle lots of things and wear different masks. And I wouldn’t recommend it either. There are so many things to do. More important things.

But this is just a starting point whenever you’re confused what to do with your own life.

Imagine being focused on that one thing alone, making that your priority for as long as it’s necessary. Imagine what you can achieve. Imagine what you’d become.

Go figure that out.