Nobody Wants to Suffer, But That’s What We Need (Sometimes)

In the middle of suffering, we wish it to end. We wish to be in a different situation where everything feels pleasurable and smooth.

But it is through suffering that we learn the most about life.

The more we experience it, the more we become wiser.

Suffering gives us a new perspective on what it feels to be in a place we dislike.

Of course it’s hard to view suffering like that. We often fail to realize its importance for learning and growth. We often forget that it’s temporary.

If you’re in the middle of suffering right now, reflect on it. Write it down. Document it. Formulate solutions.

Suffering + Reflection = Wisdom

Ask questions:

  • What mistakes did I make?
  • How can I prevent them the next time?
  • What should I learn from this?

At any time, review what you’ve documented. This will remind you what to do and what not. And hopefully, you won’t repeat it.