The Best Days

Years ago, I thought my life was dull. Ordinary. Plain boring.

So I always say to myself that someday I will do great things.

And so I did. Lots and lots of it.

I admit that sometimes I still wish for more though. I mean who doesn’t want more abundance? More opportunities? More greater things?

I’m quite sure it’s not just me. Because almost all people I know feel the same way. It’s human nature. We all wish for a better something and a perfect tomorrow. Understandable.

But is there really a perfect tomorrow?

Is there really a better situation than where we are right now?

Or is it just our instincts driving us into thinking that the present is not enough?

Looking back, I realize that those days when I lived with my housemates, worked in a local digital marketing company, ran every morning, dated my girlfriend (now my wife), wrote for many clients, played a lot of live music, traveled in many places, binge-watched epic movies, and so on… were some of the best days of my life.

Not that I wanted to go back. I love my life right now: My wife. Our adorable toddler. My siblings living with me. The huge house we’re living in. The company I’m part of. My boss and workmates and friends. My passionate bandmates. My creative projects. My investments. And anything that I’m building.

All of them.

I love all of them. Every hour I spend protecting, pursuing, and nurturing them is worth it. Every struggle with them is worth it.

They all make my life meaningful. What else could I ask for? Nothing.

But why would I fantasize for more? Because that’s how our minds operate. We naturally tend to focus more on the things we don’t have.

And it’s likely — highly possible — that I might do this again in the future:

In 2029 (5 years from now), I will look back to this moment (2024) as also the best days of my life.

Crazy! I know!

Although we try our best to appreciate the present, it’s always the good memories of the past that we appreciate more.

Why? Because they’re already gone.