The Instant Happiness Pill?

People go to great lengths to accumulate more money, thinking it would lead to a happy life.

In reality though, they end up disappointed.

Because even though money can make life easier and more comfortable, and give us some sort of freedom, it doesn’t always give us the happiness we truly want.

I think the real problem is that we confuse happiness with feeling good and having lots and lots of money.

But the truth is that happiness is an inside job. We can create happiness by just sitting in our room… reflecting.

Sounds crazy. But it works.

Do this:

Eyes closed. Think about all the things you’re grateful for. Think about your families, your true friends, or any people you value or who value you. Think about the possibilities you can do with your skills or resources. Think about all the things you can do while you’re still alive.

Happiness pill (a place to reflect)

Feeling it? 🙂

The point is to be content, and grateful, and accept life as it is.

Contentment + Gratitude + Acceptance

I don’t believe in an Instant Happiness Pill.

Because we don’t need any pills to be truly happy.

And we don’t need the latest high-tech gadget.

Or a higher income. Or more properties.

Or more friends or others’ approval… in order to be happy.

All we need is to be content with what we have. Be grateful where we are. And accept our current life situation.

That is when genuine happiness kicks in.

More about happiness here: 

“Happiness is a state of mind, a choice, a way of living; it is not something to be achieved, it is something to be experienced.” — Steve Maraboli

PS: I also love Mark Manson’s idea on happiness. It works for me. I talked about it here: It’s Not Other People’s Job to Make You Happy