Share Your Ideas

Don’t hide them under your bed.

Don’t lock them in your closet.

And most importantly, don’t ignore them.

These ideas may not be the panacea for world problems, or the million-dollar businesses any budding entrepreneur would dream of, but who knows… they might make somebody’s life a little bit better.

They might encourage your neighbors to be more responsible.

They might inspire your friends to become better human beings.

Or maybe, by sharing your weird ideas, you help others realize they’re on the wrong path and they need to get back on the right track.

It’s a weird feeling every time I receive a response from a reader saying that I have helped them in some way. That they’ve realized something useful by reading my work.

Seriously, I wish I could do more than that. I really do.

But knowing that someone out there — on the other side of the planet — has learned a thing from what I’m learning, wow, that is fulfilling.

Seth Godin said:

“Ideas, bread and books are all the same–they’re better when they’re shared.”

Of course you don’t have to share everything. Some ideas need to be marinated. But if your gut feeling tells you that these ideas need to be shared for the people to benefit, go share them.

Because who knows what they could become, or how many lives you can change.

Dr. Seuss put it well:

“It doesn’t matter what it is. What matters is what it will become.”

Any new ideas?

share your ideas, read more books