Where Did You Pick That Up?

The things you believe in are mostly passed down to you.

You may not remember it, but you didn’t have any beliefs back then. Nothing.

Along the way though, you picked up stuff — not just beliefs, also ideals and preferences and dreams. You were unconsciously constructing your own sense of self.

And planning for your future self.

Let’s say you’re a teenager. I bet you already have your own set of beliefs and ideals. And you also believe those are right or… the best for you (or your family).

But wait until you become an independent young adult (20 something). It might come as a shock that most of the things you wished for or imagined aren’t the reality.

Welcome to the real world — where all your beliefs, ideals, and opinions are being challenged.

There’s no way around it. You have to experience what reality is so you can fully understand how life works.

But once you get past it, things will be a lot better.

This is when you start to unlearn the random things you picked up and relearn new things that are only necessary to your life.

This is when you start to see reality as it is. Eventually making you more peaceful and happier.

For some, it would probably take them longer. Others perhaps are much quicker. Everyone is different.

But don’t worry. You’ll get there. And you’ll be the first one to notice it.