Returning the Favor

It’s human nature to respond to a positive action with positive action.

In social psychology, they call it reciprocity. This simply means we want to give back. We don’t want to feel indebted.

Maybe not the case for everyone, but I always feel that way.

The other day I asked my colleague for a favor. She didn’t hesitate. We made a deal.

Right then, I thought about ways to return the favor. I told myself that whatever she’d ask me in the future, I’ll be happy to help. For sure.

To my surprise, she changed our deal. Aside from her doing the thing I asked for, she also proposed something — a gift for my 4-month-old baby. I was blown away!

Sometimes people will ignore your request. But sometimes they will do it — and they’ll over-deliver.

What a surprise. It means a lot. Seriously.

How can I pay her back?

I don’t know yet. But yes, I will.