Why We’re Unhappy

We’re unhappy because we want things to be perfect: We only see the bad things in our country. We only see the flaws of our fellowmen. We don’t appreciate the great things in life. We only see problems, instead of solutions.

We’re unhappy because we chase money: We sacrifice our freedom because of our high-paying jobs. We prefer being away from our families in search for more money. We ignore our passions and the things we love for more money. We never realize, money is not the answer.

We’re unhappy because we want stuff we don’t have: We want a new car. We want a big house. We want the latest smartphone. We want to wear expensive trendy clothes, shoes, hats, bags, and every wearable.

We’re unhappy because we seek attention: We want others to recognize us. We want everybody to like us. We want everybody to understand us. We want to be famous.

We, by nature, are complicated creatures.

We’re unhappy because we compare each other: Why they have convenient lifestyles, not me? Why they have mansions, not me? What’s wrong with myself? Why I’m not beautiful like her? And why my income is lower than him?

We’re unhappy because we worry too much and we don’t forgive: We carry loads of burden from the past. We nurture hatred, instead of love. We think too much of our future. What about the present?

We’re unhappy because we’re not doing the things we love: We don’t find time for our passions because we are distracted by TV, social media, and trivial matters. Much worse, we abandon our passions to join the rat race.

We’re unhappy because we aim for more: We want to accomplish more in a single day. We want to have more projects. We want to have more friends and stuff. We want to have more followers. We want every area of our life be more.

We’re unhappy because we don’t accept defeat and failure: We want to be on top. We want to succeed in every endeavor. We want to be the best among our friends.

Is it possible to remove all the things that make us unhappy? If it’s possible, give it a try.

Live with contentment. Accept failure. Forgive others. Do the things you love. Focus on solutions. Stop wanting more. And most importantly, love.