19 Reminders for Myself to Help Me Live a Fulfilled Life (Maybe You Can Try it)

1. More actions, less consumption. Too much information is pointless if it doesn’t add value to your life (and the people around you). Living is not about consuming. Strike a balance.

2. Believe but don’t fully subscribe. Just because an ideology seems helpful doesn’t mean it’s always right. Extract what’s only useful to you. Let go of the rest.

3. Stop impressing people. Do something because it’s the right thing. Don’t do it for attention. Don’t do it for status.

4. Focus on building meaningful relationships. Quality, not quantity. Be useful to people. Provide value. Empathize and care.

5. Keep working on your art. Create something. Anything that requires craftsmanship pushes you out of your comfort zone. Plus, you develop focus, patience, and self-discipline.

6. Build good habits. Habits are the foundation of a fulfilled life. Read Atomic Habits by James Clear.

7. Invest in yourself. Cultivate the areas you’re good at. Is it designing? Or writing? Invest and improve.

8. Stop wasting time on social media. Use it with purpose. You don’t have much time left.

9. Seek solitude. Spend more time alone. Reflect. Meditate or pray. Write your thoughts. Question your assumptions. Aim for clarity.

Reminders to Live a Fulfilled Life

10. Don’t live a life others expect you to live. Don’t become the person others want you to be. You are unique in your own way. Don’t buy into others’ agenda (even if that’s your family).

11. Don’t fritter your money. Stay out of debt. Focus on what matters. Focus on meaningful experiences, not material possessions.

12. Do the things that energize your soul. What activities make you feel more alive? What makes you curious? What makes you excited?

13. Don’t waste time proving you’re always right. What if you’re wrong? Or what if there’s no right or wrong? Always seek to understand.

14. Don’t get caught up with your problems and worries. Remember, you are just a dust in the universe. Get some perspective. Respond and move on.

15. Understand human behavior (study Psychology and Philosophy). The more you understand, the better you think and the better your actions are. If you’re always frustrated or disappointed, it’s an obvious sign that you lack understanding.

16. Be the master of your emotions (your reactions). Your negative reactions will either destroy you or the people around you. Don’t let anger dominate. Channel them appropriately.

17. Detox once in a while. Go fast at least once a month from information and negative people. Stay away from anything toxic.

18. Focus on what you can control. Don’t waste time arguing/complaining about things you don’t have control over.

19. Read. Test. Challenge. Your worldview might be wrong. Question what you read. Broaden your understanding. Find different point of views.

(And don’t forget the most obvious, yet often neglected: Live and stay healthy)