Snow Inside a Shot Glass, Flew Across the Pacific

I wasn’t serious about it. Everyone in the team wasn’t serious.

But man, it happened. Just like that. Whoosh!

Snow shot glass

Bits of snowpack were shoveled into a shot glass — 9 shot glasses each sealed with wax, transported from Utah to Palawan, Philippines.

That’s 7,771 miles, in case you’re too lazy to Google.

Let me repeat that: 7,771 miles.

That’s freeeeaakin’ insane!

So what’s with the snow in a shot glass?

Legend says that it will bring luck (and fortune) to its keeper. But, to uphold its magical powers, it must be kept a secret.

I knew it. Bill Gates? Jeff Bezos? Warren Buffett?

Please don’t tell anyone I have revealed the secret.

Snow glass SEO National PH team

It was my employer/teammate/friend/mentor — too many titles, but that’s true — Damon Burton who made this world record feat.

No. He’s not crazy.

Maybe he thought that shoveling snow and putting it inside a shot glass is way cooler than making a snowman or snowball or snow fort; or doing a snow angel just like Shrek did on the mud? I think it’s fun.

Or maybe he thought his team — never seen snow in their entire life — is eager to see and touch it. I mean, uhm, me?

Or maybe… maybe he’s just too kind.

And who doesn’t want kindness? It’s infectious.

A reminder to myself (and you):

If you think it’s impossible, think again. Maybe it’s not. Maybe there’s a way and nobody has yet to try it.

Find a different point of view. Innovate. Ship.

Aha! How about collecting some sunshine for the people in Antarctica? 

Sunlight stored
Too bad, I don’t have a shot glass. Still, I hope this will bring luck & fortune to its new keeper.
Somebody might need this...
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