30 Important Questions to Ask Yourself if You Want to Live a Good Life

I have a habit of asking myself questions every now and then. Why? Because I want to know whether I’m living the life I want to live. And funny it works.

There are three things that happen every time I ask myself questions:

  1. I think deeply.
  2. I explore different point of views.
  3. I try to be brutally honest with myself.

And what surprises me the most is that these questions often provoke my most honest answers, which in turn propel me to take actions I’d never thought possible.

So this is how it goes:

Right questions + Right answers = Right actions

As Darius Foroux once said,

“The right question at the right time can spark the right answer that changes your life.” 

Here are some important questions you can start with:

1. What are the things I deeply value?

2. Am I happy? If not, why?

3. Am I making a difference?

4. What can I offer to humanity? Is it important?

5. Where do I spend most of my time?

6. How can I become a better human being?

7. What makes me excited or fascinated or curious?

8. What inspires me to work hard and achieve my goals in life?

9. What kind of struggle I’m willing to experience?

10. How can I help people?

11. Am I always reacting, instead of responding?

12. Do I love what I do (job or business)? Is it meaningful?

13. Why I’m doing what I’m doing?

14. What makes me stressed?

15. What are the things I worship?

16. Am I doing the things I love? Do I really love them?

17. Am I getting healthier? How can I be healthy?

18. Are my childhood dreams still my dreams?

19. Am I building the foundation I need to become the person I want to be?

20. What are my bad habits? How can I replace them with good?

21. Where I’m good at? How can I cultivate it?

22. What am I doing with my money?

23. Do I really need all the stuff I own?

24. Am I turning my ideas into reality?

25. How can I stay calm?

26. Am I learning the things I need to learn?

27. Am I really thinking?

28. What are the things I can’t control and can control?

29. Am I living the life I want for myself?

30. What if money were no object? Will I still do what I do?


I suggest you dive deeper into every question and unmask your most authentic answer. Be brutally honest.

If you’re honest with yourself, it’s easier to say yes or no. It’s easier to eliminate the things you don’t want and retain the things you want.

Twist every question with what, why, how, when, and where. Expand your understanding and explore different angles until you’re sick of it.

But please, don’t overthink.

Hope that helps.