Honesty, Reality, Love

Most people I know confess there’s something they truly love to do. It’s their passion. It’s their purpose in life.

Maybe they really love doing it. Maybe they’re honest.

But when you ask them why thy aren’t doing it, things get interesting.

Lots of excuses. It’s because they have to do something first. They have to deal with things that are more important.

They lack time. They lack money. They lack energy.

In their own reality… they’re not actually doing it. They’re busy with other things. They have other priorities. They’re doing something else.

Look at Your Reality, Not What You Say

We pick something and then declare that’s the thing we’re gonna do. That’s the thing that gives us purpose and meaning. The thing we love.

Maybe we’re honest with what we feel and think. But honesty doesn’t prove anything. It’s not the evidence — action is.

If someone is babbling they really love doing a certain thing but they’re not actually doing it, not willing to sacrifice other things for it, not willing to suffer for it…

then it’s not actually what they really love doing.

It’s what we do (on a regular basis) that defines us, not what we say.

The things we’re willing to suffer for are the things we truly love doing.

Don’t jump declaring “this is what I love” if you haven’t taken the time and effort to look at your present reality.

Your present reality is comprised of your daily actions, decisions, and roles you’re playing with.

Your present reality is telling you what really matters to you.

It’s the life you choose or accept to live.

So maybe in your mind, you love something and you want to do it.

But in your present reality, it’s not what really matters. You have other priorities — a challenging job, a business to manage, a family to support, a baby to take care of, etc.

There’s no right or wrong. That’s just the way life works.

The key is to be fully honest with yourself without losing touch of your own reality.

That is self-awareness.

Self-awareness leads to inner peace.

And inner peace is everything.

Honest Reality and Love