Brain Scans to Solve World Problems?

Our behaviors are not the problem — it’s an expression of the problem.

I remember watching this video a few years ago. But I totally forget about it. Which I regret.

If you’ve watched it, then you know what I mean: Our brains can be changed. And when we change our brains, we change our lives.

This is not a dream. This is reality. Finally, we have the answer.

But I still find it strange why we’re not getting good at it — this talk was published about 7 years ago.

It’s a shame that we quickly judge bad people based on their behaviors. We never consider the possibility that they have brain damages.

Dr. Daniel Amen explains it well.

I don’t want to add anything. Please watch the video to get the full context.

PS: I’m still researching more about their studies. But I find this very interesting.

Let me know what you think.


Jade Panugan

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