The One Tiny Sand

Imagine there are 1 billion grains of sand on earth.

And you are one of the grains.

In your world, sands don’t do anything other than staying on the shore.

They are just content being a sand. That’s it.

But you are different. You think there’s more to life. You have a dream.

So one day, you decide to pursue it. You convince the other sands to follow you. Some are amazed, but some laughed.

You are surprised when you discover that among the 1 billion grains of sand, about 900 million have their own crazy dreams, too. But they’re all afraid to pursue.

But you are different. You are determined.

As years passed, nothing changes. You wonder why.

You begin to realize there’s nothing special about you. You’re the same as everyone else — and your dream is pointless.

So you give up and settle for a normal life.

The breeze of the wind blows you away. The waves of the ocean wash against the shore. Simple life. Nothing complicated.

But one day, you see a sandcastle; an animal sand sculpture; a weird sand statue of an unknown being; and a variety of sand arts.

That’s impossible. Those are your ideas before.

In an instant, you realize that your kind isn’t the only one living on earth. There are humans. And they transform sands into marvelous and useful creations.

When trying to achieve your wild dreams, remember that you or the people around you aren’t the only ones to be taken into account. There are unknown forces out there that need to be considered:

  • The right environment.
  • The right tools.
  • The right timing.

Unfortunately, only few of us think about them.

And that’s the reason many people give up.