The Seeker and The Righteous

Some people want to be always right.

When someone does things they think are wrong, they’d feel the urge to correct them. They would share their thoughts about right vs wrong. For them, it’s their mission to bring these people back to the right path.

Because who wants to be on the wrong path?

These people are the Righteous. Most of them go to a church once or twice a week. You can also hear them sharing quotes from a holy book. But most of the time, they’re on social media sites, sharing strong opinions about life and politics.

I know a lot of these people. I admire their knowledge and ideals.

But there’s another group of people, too. Unlike the Righteous, they’re the ones who listen and ask more. They don’t enjoy correcting others or proving them wrong. Instead, they wait for the right time to say something because they want to deeply understand that person.

They want to understand why they do what they do.

These people are the Seekers. They seek to understand rather than be right. They always empathize. And they love to find different point of views.

Just like the Righteous, I also admire these people. And I know some of them.

While the Righteous are easy to find, the Seekers, on the other hand, are almost unnoticeable. It’s hard to find them these days. But I know they are still out there.

If you know a Seeker personally, you’re lucky. They will never judge your actions. And they’re always willing to listen and accept you for who you are, and help you become a better person.

But before you try searching for them, I have one question.

Who do you want to be: The Seeker or the Righteous?