Creating with Less Stress

5 years ago, I was a novice web writer.

5 years ago, I was a novice metal songwriter.

I think I still am. I don’t see myself as an expert. I’m still learning.

The only difference is, I now have the experience. I know what it takes. I know how it feels to fail and succeed.

But I didn’t realize all of this until much later.

When I was just starting, I was afraid to be ridiculed. I was scared. Tons and tons of uncertainties.

I wish somebody told me that it’s OK if I’m not the best or not impressive. It’s OK to be ignored or rejected.

It’s OK to suck.

And instead of getting depressed from people’s indifference to my work, I should have considered that as an indication that my craft wasn’t there yet. That there’s a lot to improve.

Although I don’t really care what others think, I agree that feedback is good for growth.

And as long as I’m being useful to a few people (or even one person), that’s enough.

I could have been less miserable and less stressed that way.