Your Most Important Mission

Peel your thoughts and emotions day by day.

Question your beliefs. Question your desires.

Question everything: your relationships, your dreams, your fears, plans, needs, wants, reactions, dramas, envies, biases, thought process, and perspective.

Challenge everything you think you know. Challenge everything you believe as the truth.

Reflect on your mistakes — learn.

Try something new. Explore. Improve. Experiment. Reinvent.

Figure out your strengths and weaknesses.

Change. Adapt. Let go.

Ultimately, your most important mission is to keep examining yourself and your life.

It is your full responsibility to understand your internal world.

Because you’re always changing. You are formless.

work in progress.

A river flowing with no precise destination (you don’t know the future).

And when the river (you) meets the sea, you become part of the whole.