Don’t Trust the Process, Question It

A common belief among young people pursuing their dreams is:

“Trust the process.”

But trusting the process without questioning it can be dangerous.

Imagine studying at a university for 4 years to become a so-called “professional”.  Imagine sacrificing everything you love doing to gain financial freedom. Imagine undergoing chronic stress and unnecessary pressure for the sake of recognition and money.

Yes — because that’s what others did.

You follow others’ footsteps, thinking it will also work for you.

You copy their templates and work hard to get the same results.

But just because it worked for them, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you too.

The right question to ask instead: Is this the right process for me?

But for this to work out, you should be really, really honest.

Know what’s actually happening in your life. Pay attention to what works, and what does not. What is your reality?

Don’t get delusional by believing it will all pan out the way you expected it. Your situation is unique. You are different.

You have to figure out what really works for you. If it isn’t working, keep questioning. Reassess. Change your approach. Iterate until you find it.

That’s your responsibility.