Status and Validation

When you’re young and naive, you’d be tempted to pursue things you think would elevate your status.

Your desire is irresistible since you wanted to impress your family and peers. All you want is get their validation. Without their validation, you are nothing.

That’s why it’s common to see a young adult (early 20s) doing everything to look good in front of others. But this is not just common to young adults. Others are still doing it in their 30s, even 40s.

Don’t be surprised. It’s human nature. We’re social creatures wired to seek others’ attention. It’s our tribal instinct.

But there’s also a lot to say when we surprisingly catch ourselves and eventually stop doing it.

That moment when you realize there’s no need to seek status and validation to be safe and happy and content (in the modern world), inner peace kicks in.

Ask yourself, “What if I stop doing things for status and validation? What will happen to me?”

It’s about time to find it yourself.