Superpowers You Can Nurture

Real superpower isn’t having an unimaginable strength or extraordinary fighting abilities.

Those are just what the movies portray.

There’s more to that in real life.

Here are some of them:

  1. Not taking criticisms and negative feedbacks seriously.
  2. Staying calm amidst a stressful situation.
  3. Not getting envious of other people’s achievements.
  4. Not getting distracted by trivial things.
  5. Saying NO if that thing seems distracting to what you’re trying to achieve.
  6. Saying YES if that thing seems scary, yet alligned with your dreams and goals.
  7. Bringing back your attention to the present every time your mind drifts to the past or future.
  8. Realizing that being alive right now is a miracle (every day).
  9. Discerning whether or not an information is bullshit.
  10. Finding the hidden lesson from any kind of experience.
  11. Being super aware of your thoughts and emotions (self-awareness).
  12. Having control over your mind and emotions.
  13. Being honest with yourself all the time.
  14. Channeling your energy into that one thing that truly matters to you right now.
  15. Becoming extremely good at one thing.
  16. Turning your imagination into reality.
  17. Persuading others to help achieve your vision.
  18. Catching yourself every time you complain or criticize others.
  19. Not reacting to things beyond your control.
  20. Ignoring what others might think of you.
  21. Never forgetting to appreciate all the good things in your life.
  22. Being ok with discomfort.
  23. Remaining silent if you have nothing important to say.
  24. Accepting your current situation. Accepting you don’t have control over the future.
  25. Performing your duties well amidst your anxiety.
  26. Patience (all the time).

While these superpowers aren’t easy to nurture, the good news is they are completely within our control.

We may not become super humans, but at least we’re working towards it. Trying and then failing is way better than not trying at all.

So pick one, and start nurturing it today.