One Wrong Move

You can’t just dismiss all the right moves you did because of one wrong move.

No matter how destructive that action was, you still made enough right moves in the past. You aren’t where you are right now if not because of you.

It’s OK to feel embarrassed and guilty.

Acknowledge it. Reflect on it. Learn from it. Cry if you want.

But don’t let the situation devour you.

(Especially when people start to berate and criticize you — they’re just reacting.)

Also, it’s not the end of the world. No. Not yet. So you have to overcome and bounce back.

What can be helpful instead is to focus more on self-care. Do those things that make you relaxed or fulfilled. Do them more until those unwanted feelings fade away.

After all, it’s always from the “wrong moves” that you learn and grow.

That’s how you learn and understand how things work.