You’re Not Lazy, You Just Don’t Have the Courage

Whenever you think you’re lazy to do something, it’s not actually laziness — you’re just afraid of something. Fear takes over.

Imagine how many things you could have done if you muster enough courage to do them.

Courage to tell someone about your feelings.

Courage to propose a project with a like-minded individual.

Courage to discuss with your parents or spouse about their financial mismanagement.

Courage to share your creations and get feedback.

Courage to ask for guidance and support.

Courage to express what you really feel about your role.

Courage to sit down and focus and finish that goddamn creative work.

Courage to say no (or yes).

Courage to be alone (or spend time with others).

Courage to find new ways to earn an income.

Courage to just be yourself, not giving a shit about others’ opinions, not living someone else’s life, not being controlled by someone’s fabricated authority (politicians, school teachers, church leaders, etc.).

And courage to do what is right.

Will courage change your life? Maybe.

But what if it would ruin your life instead? What if it would hurt you or your loved ones in the long run? What if it would make you look stupid?

Maybe. Who knows.

But what if it won’t?