17 Books and 198 Blog Posts Read in 2019

Last 2019, I opened 17 books and finished the 11.

This was much lesser than last 2018. But that’s because I tried a lot of new things last year. More action, less consumption (and I’m doubling the action this year despite the pandemic).

I also discovered the importance of rereading. So I shuffled around 20 plus books (that I’ve read before), and relearned some useful ideas I’ve almost forgotten.

Aside from the books, I also read 198 blog posts and consumed a fair amount of podcasts, didactic videos, and music-related videos.

Blogs I read in 2019

24 Podcasts:

Podcasts I listened in 2019

170 Didactic Videos:

Didactic Videos I watched in 2019

81 Music-related Videos:

Music-related Videos I watched in 2019

This year, I also tracked the 22 documentaries I watched.

Documentaries I watched in 2019

Also, 33 animated storytelling videos (which I really enjoyed).

Storytelling I watched in 2019

If you still don’t know the reasons why I’m doing this, read my 2018 reading update.

I’m still experimenting, but I think the whole point is to be intentional.

Every time I watch, listen, or read something online, I ask myself whether or not it adds value to my life. If not, I then stop myself (there were times when I fell down the rabbit hole though).

When we are more intentional with the information we consume, we save a lot of time and energy.

What are you learning recently?

“Read. Everything you can get your hands on. Read until words become your friends. Then when you need to find one, they will jump into your mind, waving their hands for you to pick them. And you can select whichever you like, just like a captain choosing a stickball team.” — Karen Witemeyer

PS: Trying to work on something, but always distracted?

Read Deep Work by Cal Newport.

UPDATE (05-13-22):

Last 2020 and 2021, I still bookmarked anything I consumed online. Not that much compared with 2018 and 2019. And for the books, here they are.

But early this year 2022, I stopped bookmarking.

I think I’ve finally developed the skill of catching myself every time I’m about to consume something online. It’s not perfect. Still working on it. But I’m definitely getting better.

So yeah, my “bookmarking/documenting” experiment is now over. 🙂

If you have any questions, shoot me a message.