What Do You Worship?

When the thing we worship consumes us and blinds us from seeing reality, that’s not a good place.

  • Worship a beautiful body, you’ll always feel ugly.
  • Worship money and material possessions, you’ll never have enough.
  • Worship power, you’ll never feel powerful.
  • Worship fame, you’ll never feel famous.

What actually happens is that our brains trick us into believing that this thing that we worship can fill the void in ourselves. That at some point, we’ll finally feel content and happy.

But we all know the answer: It won’t.

The void is always there. We just love the idea that it could vanish.

Once we fill it with something, another thing sprouts. We’re always seeking more.

Does it mean we shouldn’t worship anything at all?

If that’s even possible.

Everyone worships something. 

If someone says they don’t worship anything, they probably haven’t spent the time thinking about that what one thing they worship.

For me it’s music. It’s always been music. Listening and creating. This drives me to keep searching for more really good music. And write my own. This will never end perhaps — unless I make a conscious decision to stop, and maybe direct my attention to other things. Maybe worship other things then?

The point is awareness.

There’s a huge difference when you’re aware.

When you know what you worship, you can reflect and assess how extreme you’ve gone.

Maybe you’ve made some irrational decisions because of it. Or have sacrificed other important things. Or become an asshole. Or hurt others, or yourself, or the environment. The side effects go on and on.

To be aware, you have to ask some uncomfortable questions: “Is this true?” “Does it matter?” “Is it helping me and my loved ones?” “What’s the point of this?”

Keep asking until you peel all the layers.

And once you’ve finally assessed the level of your extremity, it’s up to you what to do.