What is Meaningful to You?

When we were kids, we wanted to become astronauts, professional basketball players, great musicians, or actors and actresses so we can be the stars in our own movies.

But when we reach our 20s, most of us — although some still hold on to their dreams — realize that achieving our wildest childhood/teenage dreams isn’t easy as we think.


Yes we need money. A lot of money.

Forget that stupid dream. Why not choose a job that pays a lot? Why not start our own businesses so we can be the boss and have financial freedom?

Of course, nothing’s wrong with changing dreams.

And more so, nothing’s wrong if we don’t achieve our childhood dreams.

I couldn’t count the times I changed my dreams. (5 times I guess, or more?)

Becoming a writer or a musician never crossed my mind when I was a kid. In fact, I was already in my 20s when I realized what I truly want in life. And many people experience that, too. There are also people who took forever to realize. I don’t know why.

Life is a mystery, isn’t it?

We think we know what we truly want, but later we figured we don’t. Some people choose to pursue a different path for the sake of comfort, whereas others risk all they’ve got to pursue whatever dreams they have.

And nothing’s wrong with that, either. Each one of us experiences life in different — sometimes bizarre — ways.

Every situation is different.

This isn’t about following our passion, or doing what we love or what makes us happy (if you can do that, good for you).

The whole point is to pursue the things that are meaningful to us.

If having millions in your bank account is more meaningful than becoming a professional musician, so be it. Do everything to earn that millions.

If having a mansion is more meaningful than becoming a visual artist, so be it. Do everything to build that magnificent mansion.

If traveling the world is more meaningful than staying in a high paying 9 to 5 job, so be it. Do everything you can to make that happen.

What matters is that you know the things that give you meaning.

And you pursue them.

Those things aren’t always easy or comfortable, or happy or fun.

But they surely are worth pursuing.