When Things are Okay, Prepare for the Worst

If you have a job, do something on the side that would support you and your family financially. Maybe start a small business. Or start a passion project. Or develop a new skillset that people are willing to pay for. You’ll never know when your job will last.

If you have a profitable business, invest in some things that would return some profit just in case your business suddenly collapse. Maybe buy a small farm. Or construct an apartment. Or try stocks or cryptocurrencies. You’ll never know when your business will last.

If you’re in good health, don’t waste time on things that don’t truly matter. Instead, focus on what matters most to you. Imagine, if you get sick. Do you think you can still do the things you love the most? Do you think you can still pursue your dreams? (PS: I’ve learned this the hard way.)

If you are born rich, be a catalyst of progress and change. Use your money for the development of communities. Help people. Build useful products. Make things happen. You’ll never know when your inherited money will last.

If you still have more time, don’t spend it on trivial things. Use your time for learning and creating and practicing your craft and doing what you love. Use it for adventures, building meaningful relationships, and helping those in need. Imagine you run out of time and you’ve never done anything in your life.

If you are alive… how do you want to be remembered?


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Jade Panugan

Some interesting questions about life and human behavior: What if there's no money? Why we often feel the urge to prove that we're right and others are wrong? Why we react to things beyond our control? Why we hate? Why it's hard to be content? I don't have all the answers, do you? Let's chat.