Isn’t it a Miracle That We’re Still Alive?

Last August 20, something scary happened — I turned 30!

As I look back, I remembered a lot of good things in the past decade.

I’ve been fortunate.

I landed a cool job, wrote music and performed in many places, got married, traveled, made new friends, started this blog and another blog, and many good stuff.

Of course there were also not so good stuff, too: Financial stress, rejections, family issues, depression, and a lot of stupidity. 😀

On top of that, there were things beyond my control such as calamities and the economic state of my country Philippines.

And this made me think that I’m lucky — I’m still alive despite my stupidity and the scary things beyond my control.

I’m not just talking about the economic crisis in my country.

I’m talking about more serious matters such as a massive earthquake. Or a solar flare. Or an asteroid that could destroy our planet at once.

It’s sad that some countries were hit by destructive earthquakes. And some are still in civil wars. I couldn’t take it.

But that’s reality.

We have no control over any of these calamities. We can only prepare. And we have no full control over other countries’ civil wars. I wish though that they’d stop and be at peace. Why not? What can we do?

There are so many things happening in the world right now. We don’t know everything. But since you’re reading this, I’d assume that you’re safe.

Yes you’re alive. We are alive.

Let’s pause for a second. And be grateful.

Any day we could die, yet here we are.

Isn’t that a miracle?

Miracle you're still alive
My wife and I share the same birthdays. We celebrated in this resthouse (thanks to her kind friend for making this possible!).