Flush Them Out

It sucks when you do something good for others but they hurt you instead.

But does it really matter if they hurt you? Would that change the fact that you exist? Will that make the world explode?

The world doesn’t care about your feelings. People fuck up. And you may be the victim. But who cares.

The best thing you can do is to catch yourself when you’re spiraling down.

A good question to ask is, “Why am I feeling this?”

It doesn’t always lead to solutions. You’re an imperfect human being. You are often weak.

But there’s a huge difference when you become good at living a life that is not easily affected by others’ actions. 

It all boils down to your own happiness. If you can learn to be happy with yourself — without the need for others’ approval, without the need for any external thing — you are more resilient.

Easier said than done. The key is to figure out your own personal way to remember it every day.

I have my own way. Yours may be different.

This is how I do it: As often as possible, I try to put my mortality and others’ mortality up front in my daily consciousness: I might die today. Or maybe they might die today.

I then ask myself, “If so, do these feelings of emptiness, hatred, unhappiness, or any negativity matter?”

They don’t. I don’t need these thoughts. I don’t need these emotions. Better flush them out. And live in the moment. Cherish every second of my existence. Accept the things beyond my control.

Been practicing this for years now. Sometimes I fail to do it. It’s hard.

But the more I practice it, the more I become better at it. A gradual progress.