It’s Not Their Fault

You have a dream.

You want to become a painter. You want to become a musician.

A novelist. A dancer. A scientist.

You want to start your own small business. You want to start a tech company.

But your parents, your relatives, and every person you know disagree because your dream won’t make you rich. It won’t give you stability and fortune.

Even if it sounds lucrative, they still oppose because they think your dream is unrealistic. It’s absurd. There’s no guarantee you’ll succeed. Better settle with what’s more trendy.

So you listen to them. You follow their advice. You forget your dreams. What could go wrong? They know better.

Nothing’s wrong with it. Seriously.

But when you start to blame them that they’re the reason why you never achieve your dreams… why you’re unfulfilled… and why you’re unsuccessful, you’re now being stupid.

What’s wrong with you? You made the decision. Not them.


Jade Panugan

Some interesting questions about life and human behavior: What if there's no money? Why we often feel the urge to prove that we're right and others are wrong? Why we react to things beyond our control? Why we hate? Why it's hard to be content? I don't have all the answers, do you? Let's chat.