When Will You Realize That…

1. Right now, now, is the time to chase your dreams.

2. You can always do great things if you want.

3. You can do what you love even with a full-time job.

4. You’re stuck because you allow yourself to get stuck.

5. The problem is your mindset.

6. Negative thoughts are slowly killing you.

7. Your bad habits make you ineffective.

8. Sometimes, it’s okay to commit mistakes.

9. Some people want to see you fail — ignore them.

10. You’re lucky because you can read.

11. Reading changes the way you think — so, read a lot.

12. Understanding is more important than being right.

13. Social media drains your precious time.

14. Wasting time is wasting money and energy (vice versa).

15. Your time is limited — use it wisely.

16. Saying “no” can be helpful sometimes (or most of the time).

17. Learning isn’t only at schools; it’s ubiquitous.

18. TV is mind-conditioning.

19. Too much video games, though it’s fun, a waste of time.

20. Expensive gadgets (you don’t need) won’t make you happy.

21. Happiness and pleasure are not the same.

22. You’re unhappy because of your negative thoughts.

23. Beliefs — your beliefs — should not dictate your reality.

24. Being alone, sometimes, is good for you.

25. What you perceived, most of the time, untrue.

26. Your ego makes you stupid.

27. You can’t have everything you want (it’s the truth).

28. Each person has different definition of success.

29. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.

30. A one true friend is far better than a hundred fake friends.

31. You can’t control the outcomes of life.

32. Marriage doesn’t hinder your success.

33. Following the life of celebrities is worthless.

34. You have to fail to succeed.

35. What works for others may not work for you.

36. You don’t have to follow everything your parents told you.

37. Our planet is slowly dying; do something.

38. What happens in your life, most probably, your fault.

39. Money is not the ultimate goal, is it?

40. Nobody’s perfect. Why blame?

41. We are born not to compete, but help and love each other.

42. Love, compassion, and empathy can make the world a better place.

When will you realize that reading without applying what you’ve learned is useless? When will you realize that praying without action is pointless? When will you realize that you, too, is imperfect? And when will you realize that we humans are one?

Whether you’re a student, or someone who don’t know what to do in life, or an adult working in a 9-5 stressful boring job, remember… life is short. Don’t waste it. Learn the things you need to learn. Do something meaningful. Persevere. Practice empathy. And most importantly, love.