100 Insights on Living a Good Life

1. Ideas without execution are worthless.

2. Find that one thing that makes you excited. Pursue even if there’s no money in it.

3. Don’t learn everything. Instead, learn intentionally the things relevant to your goals.

4. Improvise but learn when to stop.

5. Let your actions speak for yourself, not your words.

6. To master one thing, give up other things.

7. Carry a healthy dose of skepticism wherever you are.

8. You become what you consume.

9. Spend time alone. Unravel your thoughts.

10. Say thank you often. Appreciate others.

11. People will always say something bad about you. Learn from it.

12. Always do things with the right intention.

13. Do something scary. Take risks if necessary.

14. Calculated risks is overrated. Ask yourself, is it worth the risk?

15. Say only what is necessary.

16. If you don’t like what you’re doing, ask yourself why. Then decide when to stop doing it.

17. Study Stoicism and practice it.

18. Embrace constraints.

19. What is fun to you? Understand it.

20. Diversify your experience.

21. Your pre-existing beliefs aren’t static. It’s okay to change your mind.

22. Educate yourself. Read books (or blogs). Especially things you disagree with.

23. Build good habits.

24. Practice delayed gratification.

25. Tame your monkey mind.

26. Simplify everything in your life.

27. Be practical and realistic when making life decisions.

28. Be okay with discomfort.

29. Nourish your home.

30. Fame is not the goal.

31. Respect different beliefs. Don’t push your own.

32. Study cognitive biases. We all have one.

33. Love your work.

34. Identify your role model(s). Mine is Derek Sivers.

35. Practice composure (every single day).

36. Manage your money, time, and energy (this is a vital skill to learn).

37. Memento Mori.

38. Reflect. Write your thoughts. Journal. Blog.

39. Accept who you really are.

40. Don’t waste time changing people. Instead, lead by example.

41. If you can’t change the world, accept it.

42. In any negative experience, learn something useful from it.

43. Use your weekends for building side projects. Don’t get drunk. Don’t get laid.

44. Learn how to think (well).

45. Study the human nature.

46. Learn Psychology and Philosophy.

47. Choose yourself.

48. Stay away from fake, toxic, negative people. They drain your energy.

49. Stop complaining. Even if it’s not your fault, always take full responsibility.

50. Travel. See new places.

51. Nobody likes an asshole.

52. Stop growth hacking. Stop leveraging. Stop earn-money quickly. Be content.

53. Learn any computer-related skill: Programming, web design, software development, content writing, animation, and so on.

54. Stop, or minimize, watching the news.

55. You’ll never be happy if your actions don’t align with your words.

56. If you can, quit Facebook (or any social media sites). If you can’t, use it with purpose.

57. Know what makes you comfortable and uncomfortable. Then set a boundary.

58. Who cares if you’re not the best?

59. The purpose of starting a business is to help solve problems, not to get rich.

60. Nothing’s wrong with settling for less.

61. Declutter your mind as often as possible. Aim for clarity.

62. Meditate or pray (every day).

63. Always and always respond, not react. Stop being reactive.

64. Your ego will destroy you.

65. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, stay humble.

66. Make time for creating. Then share your creations.

67. Don’t let your smartphone consume your life. If you can, stop using it.

68. Install Cold Turkey on your computer. You’re welcome.

69. Practice empathy. Help people if you can.

70. If you’re always frustrated and disappointed, that’s a sign you don’t understand how the world works.

71. Stay away from the trivialities of life.

72. Investing in yourself should be your priority.

73. Get active: Run, jog, walk, bike, etc. Do at least one of them each day.

74. You’re not always right. Often you don’t see your flaws. Find different point of views.

75. If it’s hard and you’re about to give up, find an alternative.

76. Know what your values are. And live with it.

77. What are the things that matter to you? Focus on them.

78. Read “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” and “Meditations”.

79. Perform your craft in public.

80. Forgiving is not only for the people who hurt you, also for yourself.

81. Stop stalking on social media. It only makes you envious (that’s why do #56).

82. There are things you can and can’t control. Don’t waste your time on the things you can’t.

83. If you seek change, start with self-awareness.

84. Self-awareness allows you to look for patterns in yourself. Practice it.

85. Stay out of debt. Avoid loans. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.

86. Stop creating problems.

87. Question why you want that thing.

88. Choose your struggle.

89. You don’t need a high social status to live a fulfilling life.

90. Stop impressing people. It’s not worth of your time.

91. If you can’t decide, try the middle path.

92. Use your negative energy into creating something meaningful.

93. Learn to play a music instrument. It develops patience and self-discipline.

94. It’s not a bad idea, just an untested one.

95. Aim for progress not perfection.

96. Stop chasing happiness and peace. Those things can be found within yourself.

97. Invaluable possessions in life are free: Love, Inner Peace, Happiness

98. Life is a live show. It’s happening now.

99. Stay true to yourself. “It’s always better to live the truth than to live a lie.” — Cassandra Clare

100. Become a better human being every day.

(101. Our planet is just a dust in the universe. Which means people are dust, too, as well as our problems. Don’t take things personally. You are not the center of everything.)

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