Sometimes, I Don’t Follow Advice

The vegan lifestyle has made them happier and better people, great. You can try that but don’t expect similar results. Their experiences wouldn’t replicate as your experience. The digital nomad lifestyle has made them wealthy and fulfilled, great. You can try that too. But again, don’t expect similar results. It would never be the same … Continue Reading →


People Think I’m Crazy, But That’s Okay

They think I’m not living life to the fullest. That I’m doing it wrong. That I’m settling for less and I don’t have ambitions in life. And my worldview is absurd (some of my friends and relatives ridicule my worldview). I respect them. When I didn’t cut my hair for a year and started ignoring … Continue Reading →


There Are More Things To Learn, It Never Ends

Deliberate learning has been part of my daily routine since I started reinventing myself. And I believe every person should do it. Every person should set aside time for learning, challenging their beliefs, and asking questions. Often, I remind myself I’m no expert of anything and there are more things I need to learn. If … Continue Reading →


Because Life is Short

Why did I drop the opportunity to study law? Because life is short. I wanted to play in a band and pursue music. I wanted to write songs and read and write novels. I wanted to do things that make me feel more alive. Why did I resign from my first writing job? Because I … Continue Reading →


A Short Letter to All Self-Centered, Bossy Employers

They wanted me to follow the rules. They wanted me to stick with the agreement even though things didn’t work out. They wanted me to follow the path they’re heading to, and I’m their minion so they can progress their business — even though it’s a dead-end business. But I quit. Just because you’re the … Continue Reading →


You Don’t Have to Prove Something on Facebook, So Don’t be a Jerk

I hate to say this. But people are getting fucked up on Facebook. When someone expresses an opinion, two things might happen: People ridicule that person. Or, prove that they are better and smarter. And that’s the reason I kind of hate Facebook, in a way (I still use Facebook, though, to connect with loved … Continue Reading →


I Want You To Feel What I Feel. That’s Why I Started It

When I read a book and it changes my mood, my perspective, my life, I realize how powerful words are. It motivates me to write a book, so I too, can help transform people’s lives. Because when our lives are transformed, I believe, our planet becomes a better place to live in. When I listen … Continue Reading →


The 2 Groups of People Today

1.  The people who consume a lot of information, and learn, and share what they find interesting, but don’t act to improve their lives and help others. These people often talk about what they know, brag their opinions, and gossip about politics, news, sports, or any forms of entertainment. They talk more. And 2. The people … Continue Reading →