Because You Compare

When life gets in the way, it’s easy to forget all the good things. At times we wonder what could have happened had we choose a different decision last year, or we followed our parents’ advice, or we followed the rules and never tried something new. These narratives arise for one reason: We compare ourselves … Continue Reading →


Care, Is it Hard?

In business: There are companies that don’t care about their customers or their staff. I’ve met some of these entrepreneurs and I wonder what the hell happened. The reason? Money first. In politics: During electoral campaigns, we hear a lot of promises. So many promises we all get excited. But when they won, where are the promises? … Continue Reading →


Sometimes, It’s Just Hard to Be Honest

She had a bad breath. I could not stand it. So I ended our relationship. She asked why. I told her I wasn’t the best guy, I couldn’t commit anymore. Her world fell apart. She was my college girlfriend. … When the church people invited me to join their special gathering, I made a lot … Continue Reading →


We Work Hard to Become Rich But We Forget to Live Life

I dream of a society where people stop chasing money. But they told me I’m not practical. That it was impossible because we need money to live a good life. We need money to buy our needs and eat foods we want and travel the world. I get it. So maybe I was wrong. Maybe … Continue Reading →


I May Be Confused, But I Know What I Want

I thought I would be the happiest person when I started a band and wrote metal music. I thought my path to greatness would be smooth and all I’d do is keep honing my craft even my fingers bleed I wouldn’t stop. I thought I could play the guitar and compose melodies for the rest … Continue Reading →


I Surrender. I Don’t Want to Compete.

My college professors once told me that life is a competition and if I don’t compete I don’t stand a chance. My parents believe the same bullshit. In some instances, I agree. After all I wouldn’t be here writing my opinion. I wouldn’t be here learning about writing or marketing so people can love my … Continue Reading →


I’m Different. You’re Different. What’s the Matter?

Imagine all people love the same color: Red. All people love the same movie — only one movie: Star Wars. Then only one music: Bohemian Rhapsody. And only one food: Pizza. I could go on forever providing examples, but these will suffice for now. The point is, we all have different preferences. Some people prefer country … Continue Reading →


Sometimes, I Don’t Follow Advice

The vegan lifestyle has made them happier and better people, great. You can try that but don’t expect similar results. Their experiences wouldn’t replicate as your experience. The digital nomad lifestyle has made them wealthy and fulfilled, great. You can try that too. But again, don’t expect similar results. It would never be the same … Continue Reading →