Your Happiness Or Other People’s Happiness? (Try The Middle Path)

When making big decisions in life, we often end up with two paths to choose: For our happiness For others’ happiness But it’s confusing. If we choose our own happiness, people may think we’re self-centered. And if we choose the other way, ah, who knows what’s gonna happen. And because we are so confused, we … Continue Reading →


You Have a Power, And That is to Take Full Responsibility

You can argue all day about who ought to rule our nation. Or how people should treat you. Or who ought to give you opportunities. Or how your parents should raise you. But in the end, nothing will have changed. You’re still jobless. You’re still in debt. You’re still brokenhearted and lonely and stupid. Rather … Continue Reading →


A Practical Guide to Solving Life Problems (So Here’s What I Did)

I wanted to forget all my problems. All of them. I keep telling myself, “If only I have more money, if only I am smarter, if only I can write better, if only mother and father are together, if only I have all the tools I need, if only I can shred the guitar insanely.” … Continue Reading →


Do We Really Need Money to Be Happy, Solve All our Problems, and Better our Lives?

I often hear people say that money can solve all our problems. Money can make our lives better. Money can buy happiness. That money is freedom. Money is comfort. Money is success. Money is everything. And the more money we have, the more we enjoy life. And the more money we have, the less stressful we are. … Continue Reading →


A Short Letter to All Worried People

In a generation where everyone is trying to become the best and live life to the fullest, it’s hard not to feel anxious. Worrying has become part of human experience. We get worried about things we don’t want to happen. We worry about losing everything we have. We worry about losing our job and not having enough … Continue Reading →


The One Trick I Did That Made My Life Better

I always get frustrated. I wanted to keep my room clean and organized all the time and I ended up getting frustrated every other day. I wanted to stay on track with my creative works — music and writing — and on one occasion my wife suffered anxiety, I lost momentum I wished to vanish. … Continue Reading →


Stop Spending All Your Time For Money. Create Something For People

I didn’t understand what he’s saying. But I said OK. Maybe earning more money will make him happy. After all, he’s a good friend. But I was too dumb to follow. I didn’t want to spend all my time earning more money. I wanted to create something for people. So I started Humans Unite. Now I’m … Continue Reading →


It’s Not Enough to Risk. Ask Yourself, “Is it Worth the Risk?”

I am one of those people who encourage others to take risks. I often say: Life is short and we should do what we love, we should chase our dreams. And we should take risks. Otherwise, we die full of regrets. They just rolled their eyes. I know it’s hard. When my wife consulted to … Continue Reading →