200 Blog Posts: 200 Ideas to Better Your Life

After 5 years of writing, reading, researching, and reflecting… I’m proud to say I’ve published 200 blog posts on this site alone.

Yeah I know it’s crazy.

Looking back, I say it’s the most rewarding thing I made. While a lot of my posts are terrible, to say the least, I am still proud of what I’ve done as it has opened a lot of doors for me in the past few years.

I cringe reading some of my old posts. What in the world was I thinking at that time?

If there’s one big realization, it is: We are all growing and changing. And I fully acknowledge that.

Of course all of this wouldn’t be possible without you, my readers.

You (yes you) help me become more accountable. You inspire me to write more and learn more and experiment more. I am forever grateful.

I wish saying thank you is enough. So please, treat this post as my token of gratitude.

Here are the 200 main ideas I extracted from 200 blog posts written in the past 5 years:

1. Don’t Hide Your Art

If you’re a creator, share your creations with the world. Don’t wait for perfection. The point is to get feedback so you can improve your work. Producing a not-so-good art and then improving it is far better than not doing anything.

2. Do What You Love Today

Most of the things that people love to do, they can do at least 5 minutes a day! If you can’t do it for that short amount of time, it’s time to rethink whether or not you really love it.

3. David Foster Wallace on Self-Awareness

“Learning how to think really means learning how to exercise some control over how and what you think. It means being conscious and aware enough to choose what you pay attention to and to choose how you construct meaning from experience. Because if you cannot exercise this kind of choice in adult life, you will be totally hosed.”

4. Stop Wanting More

The more stuff, responsibilities, ventures, projects, etc. you have… the less time and energy you have for the things that truly matter in your life. If you stop wanting more, you will have more time, more energy, and more money.

5. Be Mindful Even if you’re Washing the Dishes

When you’re thinking of something else while doing something, you’re creating a different thread in your head. You’re not really experiencing it. What you’re doing is imagining or planning. There’s a place for that for sure. But being one hundred percent present in the moment makes you more efficient.

6. Inspiring Lessons I Learned from Entrepreneur Mads Singers

Drop your ego, stay grounded; If you want to be happy, change your mindset; Don’t be afraid to do what you love; Self-education is powerful; If you long for change, consider changing your environment.

7. The Paradox of Our Age

“We have taller buildings, but shorter tempers. Wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints…”  Whatever technological advancement or intelligence we achieved, if we can’t treat our planet and our fellowmen the way they should be treated, we miss the whole point.

8. Author Paul Jun on how Words Shape Life and Improve Humanity

“Words can do anything. They can bring warmth to those who feel discomfort. They can fill people with happiness, encouragement, hope, or even make them fall in love; but they can also do the contrary such as inflict pain, brainwash, destroy whole cities and devour civilizations.”

9. Love, Peace, and Happiness

Go do everything you want. Go earn millions if you want. Go enjoy and travel the world and become who you want to be and acquire all the experiences you want and live life to the fullest. But whatever it may be, everything is pointless if you don’t have love, peace, and happiness.

10. Reminders to Help You Overcome Adversities

You are a human being, ask for help; If you’re trying to figure out a solution, be fully present; Most of your greatest fears are just illusions; You can always learn something from any bad experiences; Your present condition doesn’t define your future.

11. Change Starts With You

Broadcasting change on social media and encouraging all people to change their lives is pointless. Yes, you can inspire people and raise awareness. But the fact remains: You can’t change others. You don’t control them. The best thing you can do is to live the life you wish for other people. The rest follows.

12. Money is not the Ultimate Goal, Don’t Chase it

Money can solve your money problems — but it’s not the ultimate solution to every problem. Don’t try to make it your ultimate goal for the rest of your life. Otherwise, you’ll spend most of your waking hours chasing money. Go earn money but set a healthy boundary. Know when to stop.

13. The Path to Self-Reinvention

Don’t stick to your old ways. You are a human being capable of changing, improving, and adapting. Stretch yourself if you have to. Be a completely different person if you need to. Reinvent. Evolve.

14. Breaking the Old Pattern

Your beliefs, biases, and worldview are influenced by the people you grew up with. Your life is mostly unexamined and unexplored. You’re following the standards of society that are set upon you. But you can break it. And forge a different path.

15. Timeless Lessons I Learned from Damon Burton

Don’t overthink; Communicate candidly; Simplify; Be proactive; Family comes first. On happiness: “If you can’t be happy then the people you love around you won’t be happy and everything else gets worse.” “The best thing to do is to do what makes you happy, and be happy for others, even if they’re not happy back.”

16. The Present Society

You keep following your parents, your boss, and the government but can’t even follow your heart.

17. Why You’re Unhappy

You want everything to be perfect. You expect too much. You want to be the best among the best. You want to compete. You compare yourself to others. You wish for a different life.

18. Help Somebody

Do good things even if others don’t. And be human, even if others don’t.

19. Life-Changing Lessons from Steve Jobs’ Commencement Speech

“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure — these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”

20. Self-Awareness and Switching Perspectives

Knowing what’s happening inside of you is a crucial skill (yes it’s a skill that can be learned). And seeing what others are seeing and understanding it… is life-changing. If you aren’t cultivating self-awareness, you’re missing a lot. Big time.

21. Inspiring Poem: Promise Yourself by Christian D. Larson

“Promise yourself… to give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others. To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble…”

22. Listen, Someone’s Talking

Most of the time, you’re not listening — you’re waiting to respond. But listening is a great opportunity to learn and grow. Practice listening more. Be fully present during a conversation. Don’t think about anything else.

23. Practice What You Preach

If you’re not doing it, don’t say you’re doing it. Hypocrisy will never lead to inner peace and happiness.

24. Maria Popova on Scarcity of Wisdom in the Age of Information

Having access to information doesn’t always guarantee knowledge or wisdom. While you can read blogs or watch any videos all day, it’s pointless if you only take something out of context. Maria Popova said, “More and more information without the proper context and interpretation only muddles our understanding of the world rather than enriching it.”

25. Why Please People?

Doing something for others’ happiness is great. But if it doesn’t make you feel good, then it’s pointless. You’re just pleasing them. Do it not because you want to please people, but because you know it’s the right thing to do.

26. Life is Like a Wheel (Always Turning)

If money and material possessions are the things you value today, once the wheel turns and you lose everything you have, you’ll realize there are more things valuable than money and material possessions.

27. Why You Can’t Focus Creating

The reason you can’t focus creating is because you jumble creating, consuming, and communicating. The mind is designed to focus on a single thing alone. If you’re creating, create. Separate creating, consuming, and communicating.

28. Brené Brown on Empathy & Sympathy

In the words of Brené Brown: “Empathy fuels connection while sympathy drives disconnection.” “Empathy is I’m feeling with you. Sympathy, I’m feeling for you.”

29. You Have Everything You Need

It’s incredibly powerful to realize that you have everything you need right now. Open your eyes and be grateful for the things you have right now. If you can read this, that means you have a functioning mind and body. Don’t take them for granted.

30. Praying Without Action Cannot Change Yourself

Whatever your religious beliefs, when it comes to changing yourself, your prayers are pointless if you don’t take the right action. Don’t rely on praying. You have to do what needs to be done if you really want to change for the better.

31. Elle Luna on the Crossroads of Should and Must

You should do that vs You must do that. Many people will expect you to do things even though you don’t like them. But you should do them anyway for the benefit of others. On the other hand, you know intuitively that there are things you must do to make yourself proud, happy, and fulfilled. These things are your must — these things are worth figuring out.

32. You Created the Problem

Instead of complaining about your persistent unwanted problems, find the root cause. Maybe your financial problems are the result of your consumerism. Maybe your diseases are the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. There are problems that you created but you never realize them. That’s why they keep coming back.

33. Just Do Something

If you find yourself bored or don’t know what to do, just do something randomly. Get your blood flowing. There are many activities you can try. And you don’t need to spend money on them. See what happens next.

34. What Makes You Busy

Are you busy following others’ lives on social media? Are you busy gossiping? Are you busy playing video games? Truth is, you’re not actually busy. You are distracted. If you think you’re really busy, ask yourself whether or not those things are worth your time, energy, and attention.

35. When Will You Realize That…

You only have one life and each day YOU ARE DYING.

36. Why Are You Doing It?

Ask why you’re doing what you’re doing. There’s no right or wrong answer. The purpose is to become crystal clear about your intention. When you know your intention, it’d be easy to overcome any challenges.

37. Everything Happens for a Reason

Your past is already past. It already happened. And there’s nothing you can do about it. If you’re disappointed about what happened and you’re now wishing things to be different, it’s clear that you’ve lost perspective — you’re only seeing things from a negative place. Any good things you have right now wouldn’t be here if your past was different.

38. Fear

Fear slowly kills your dreams. You can’t force it to leave. Instead, try doing something while in fear — because fear won’t go away after all. Take small steps. It surely is uncomfortable. But soon you’ll get used to it.

39. Whatever Your Priorities, Be Like Water

Set your priorities, but don’t fixate on your projected outcome. When things go haywire and ruin your schedule, be flexible, adapt, and quickly — or slowly — pivot towards the direction you intend to be. Flow like water.

40. Let Go of Negative People

There’s no need to defend yourself from people who keep you down. All you need to do is ignore them and stay away from them. And just focus on improving yourself and pursuing your dreams. Once you let go of these people, positive ones will appear.

41. Truths I Realized at 27

Success is Relative; It’s Okay to Be Different; Change is Hard; We Can’t Control Everything; Dreams Keep Changing; You Can’t Have Everything; Our Parents are Imperfect. Read here.

42. What is Best for You?

Nobody knows what’s really best for everyone. Every person has different desires and different aspirations. If one thing is best for a group of people doesn’t automatically mean the best thing for you. While you can always ask others’ opinions and try to see the lens they’re viewing, at the end of the day, it’s only you, and your decision matters.

43. Four Stories of Generosity from Strangers

(1) If you’re an artist, don’t stick to your talent fee. Be flexible; (2) Observe the people around and try to understand what they need. If you can provide, go make it happen; (3) If you find someone who badly needs help, be generous of your time. (4) Be considerate. Empathize and move on. Read here.

44. You’re Alive, Don’t Waste It

Every time you complain, every time you feel regretful about your past, and every time you hate someone, you waste a small fraction of your time on earth. This is your present life. What do you have right now that you should be thankful for?

45. Things I Don’t Understand

Many people spend so much time earning money only to spend it on entertainment, material possessions, and properties they don’t really need; People hate a simple life they find it boring; People compete to become the best or number one they’re ready to hurt others for their own benefit; Competent people don’t unite together to solve world problems (why?)… there’s more.

46. Why Fear Failure? Give it a Try

Just like any other inspiring story, the only way to actualize our dreams is to try the unknown. To experiment. Embrace change. Give up security. Keep learning. And execute despite the circumstances.

47. Nine Lessons I Learned From Vacation with Coworkers

Be proactive; Be considerate; Be an optimist; Give it a try; Be grateful; Be generous; Adapt; Make the most of it; Enjoy the ride.

48. Two Words That Help Me Continue My Craft

“Who cares?” If you think your art is not good enough, who cares? If your newly invented product sucks, who cares? If your project looks weird, who cares? Nobody cares. Just do it.

49. Perfection: The Reason You Hide Your Art

Aiming for perfection can hinder production. Perfection is subjective. Art doesn’t need to be perfect. An artist improves through experimenting, shipping, and then hearing feedback. Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Art is never finished, only abandoned.”

50. Stop Complaining

Complaining is wasting time. Not just time, also energy. It doesn’t lead to any solution. It doesn’t change anything. When you’re complaining, you’re just unleashing your anger or disappointments. But nobody cares. If you don’t like where you are right now, either do something about it or just accept it for what it is. Acceptance is always a good place to start.

51. You Have a Choice

It’s fine to do things you dislike for the sake of the greater good. But you have to keep on reflecting. Be alone and figure out how to make things happen for you. It’s not always true that you have no other choice. Most of the time you’re just afraid to take risks.

52. Complain by Making Something

Instead of complaining, use your frustration or anger as your fuel to solve the problem. Focus immediately on making things better. If you don’t like the product, build a better one. Creating something is always a better alternative than just rambling or whining.

53. Different Dreams, Different Perspectives, Different Journeys

Don’t insist on your beliefs. Don’t force people to follow what you believe is right. Instead, respect whatever they decide to do in life. Respect them if they want their life different. Avoid thinking that you’re always right others are wrong. Everyone sees the world differently.

54. Your Life is Yours, Not Theirs

Most people will say your business or career will result in nothing. They will discourage you from whatever you want to pursue. It can be disheartening sometimes. But if you want to live life to the fullest, you must cultivate the skill of ignoring what other people say. After all, it’s your life.

55. Learn From People You Admire

Those iconic extraordinary people in the past (Albert Einstein and Jimi Hendrix) didn’t become extraordinary by themselves. They learned from other people they look up to. And they did it without the Internet. That means, you now have a huge advantage. Anyone you admire for their great work is just one click away. You can check their works online or even better email them. Don’t waste this privilege.

56. It’s Normal to be Afraid

It’s likely you’re afraid of the uncertainties, the unknown, and the things that are hard to understand. Perhaps you haven’t put the time to figure out all of them yet. It’s time to face them. It’s your responsibility to understand them and acknowledge what they are. Being aware of your fears is a huge advantage. Start there.

57. Our Love for Excuses

Excuses are fears in disguise. If you always make excuses why you can’t do that or you can’t have that, that’s a sign you’re not truly ready to pay the price. Opportunities abound in the modern world. Things that seem impossible before are now possible thanks to the Internet. There’s no excuse you can’t pursue your dreams. Stop making excuses. You have the resources. Go do it. Make it happen.

58. The One Lesson I Learned from My First (Real) Job

Evaluate yourself before looking for a job. Ask yourself what do you really want to do with your life. Get clear. Don’t just try to gain “experience” because that’s how it should be. Question it. Do you really need that kind of experience? Do you have any other choices? There’s no right or wrong. The point is that you are aware of what you really want to do in life. Now you have a target to aim for.

59. Follow the Rules or Live Life Your Own Way?

People (or society) will impose rules on you. Sure, you can follow them. But you have a choice. If you follow all the rules, you might miss exploring other options. Life is meant to be experimented with using your curiosity, intuition, and wisdom. Now it’s up to you what to follow.

60. Morrie Schwartz on Living a Meaningful Life

Love always wins; Change how you see things; Family matters; Money and material possessions aren’t the goals; If you don’t believe what you see, believe what you feel; Don’t chase the wrong things; Detach from your emotions; Be fully present; Life is a series of back and forth; Build your own subculture; Forgive.

61. If You Want to Make the World a Better Place, Don’t Follow Everything

If you want to do something great or something that sounds impossible, stop following what other people say or do. Instead, trust your intuition and try your ideas. Consider their perspectives, of course. But you should not be trapped by what works for them. Only you can find what will work for you.

62. You Work For Money and Prestige, What About the Things You Love to Do?

If you only work for money and prestige, you won’t get that far. Sooner or later you’ll get burned out. On the other hand, working on the things you love can energize you. Nothing’s inherently wrong with working for money or prestige. Sure, it has its own benefits. The point is to always make time to do the things you love. If you love it, you will always find a way.

63. What if Society Has No Money (And That’s Real Society Supposed to be)

It’s likely that if there’s no money, more and more people will use their time for the things they really love doing. Imagine a society like that. Yes, sounds impossible in the modern age. But it’s a great reminder that money is just a piece of paper. And you should not become a slave to it. Sure. Money can solve your money problems. But spending your whole life trying to earn more and more is never worth it.

64. How Freelancing Helps Progress Your Craft

Being a freelance worker is great for those who want more freedom, especially those who are trying to master a creative skill — music, visual arts, dancing, etc. One of the advantages is that you don’t need to spend all your time working for someone, which means you can have more time for your craft. The disadvantage is that it lacks financial stability. There are pros and cons. Do what works for you.

65. It’s About Your “Why”

In everything you do, it’s the “why” that matters. Ask yourself, why you want to do it in the first place. What’s the point? Get real. This is important because when you’re pursuing something great, there are so many things that might distract you believing those are important, too. As a result, you can’t focus. If you find yourself in this situation, go back to the core reason why you’re doing what you’re doing. Focus on it. Anything that happens next is just a byproduct.

66. The Two Groups of People

Try to be the person who: Choose what information they consume; Continuously learn what they need to learn; Apply to real life what they’ve learned; And share their wisdom to help. Unfortunately, there are more people doing the opposite of this. Don’t be like them.

67. Let People Feel What You Feel

What did you feel after watching an inspiring movie? Or reading a life-changing book? Or listening to mellow music? Did you feel energized? Does it make you think you can create those masterpieces as well? Why not? Go do it so you can help people feel the same way.

68. You Don’t Have to Prove Something on Facebook, So Don’t be a Jerk

Proving something on Facebook, debating about politics, or pretending to be knowledgeable is wasting time. Stop acting like you know the whole thing. The truth is, you just want attention, you want to be heard, and you want to act smarter than your friends. Don’t waste your time. Go do something meaningful.

69. Don’t be the Self-Centered Bossy Leader/Employer

If you are leading a group or running a company, remember your people are your asset. You need them to accomplish what you want to accomplish. You are a team. So treat them as human beings. Respect them. Help them thrive. And don’t force them to do things that can lower their morale. And please don’t forget: Care

70. Life is Short

Your life is impermanent. Anytime you might die. So make every second count. Forgive more. Love more. Smile more. Help more. Spend more time doing the things you truly love. And stop (or at least minimize) doing things you hate. If you’re not happy with your life right now, figure out what makes you unhappy, then remove it from your life (gradually or drastically, whatever works for you).

71. There Are More Things To Learn, It Never Ends

Even if you think you’re knowledgeable enough or an expert, there is still more to learn. Time changes everything. Technology keeps evolving. The things you think you fully know about might change. Your knowledge might become outdated. So keep learning what you need to learn. Update your thoughts.

72. People Will Think You’re Crazy, But That’s Okay

When you’re honest or when you show your true self, people will think you’re crazy. But that means you’re being you. That means you’re not pleasing people. There’s nothing to worry about as long as you’re not hurting others or causing any trouble.

73. Don’t Follow Their Advice

Sometimes advice is there to keep you safe, but sometimes, it holds you back from reaching your goals. If you want to pursue something even though others advise you to stop… listen. But don’t forget to trust your instincts. What if something bad happens? Then at least you tried. Because sometimes, trying is all that matters. But please, don’t follow my advice. 🙂

74. You’re Different. What’s the Matter?

If you think you’re alone because of your weird preferences, no problem. Always remind yourself it’s OK to be different. To be weird. In fact, there are many people out there who probably like what you also like. Maybe find them and be friends with them? One thing to remember: People will always hate you for being your true self.

75. You Don’t Have to Compete.

Competition is always there. It won’t go away no matter what. But wouldn’t it be nice if you can do your own thing without the drive to compete? Without treating others as competitors? Without the desire to be the best of all the best? You can choose not to join the competition. And instead, focus on improving yourself and providing value to others. It’s possible.

76. You May Be Confused, That’s Fine.

With so many choices out there, it’s common to get confused. It happens to most people — confused whether or not they should start a business or make art. Your time is limited. You can’t have or be everything. Focus on one thing or two things first. If you know what you truly want right now, you’ll never get confused.

77. You Work Hard to Become Rich But You Forget to Live Life

Life is not about earning a lot of money. Sometimes though, it’s the right thing to do so you can solve your money problems. Spending all your waking time, however, to become super-rich is a trap. Work hard and earn what you need to earn, but don’t forget to have fun. Don’t forget to do the things you love. Don’t forget to relax and spend time with your loved ones. Don’t forget to live life.

78. Sometimes It’s Just Hard to Be Honest

Honesty is a virtue. And everyone is expected to be honest at all times. But in reality, it’s hard. Sometimes you don’t want to say anything or the whole truth to protect yourself or someone you love. If you really want to be honest, make sure it’s for the right situation and for the right people.

79. Care, Is it Hard?

To care for someone is thinking beyond yourself. You’re not just doing something for your own benefit, but also for others. You’re being a hero. And even if you think you’re getting nothing out of it, that’s not true. Because every time you care for someone, it makes you feel good. That’s a win-win.

80. Because You Compare

Comparing yourself to others is the worst. It makes you think you have nothing and you are nothing. It’s the reason you’re not satisfied with your life. It’s the source of unhappiness. When you compare yourself to anyone, it robs the joy you could have experienced with what you already have. Instead of comparing, just focus on improving yourself. Get busy improving that you have no time to compare.

81. Maybe You’re Not Aware, But Facebook is Making You Unhappy

When you scroll on your Facebook newsfeed, you can’t help but compare your life to others’ lives. Not mentioning the negative news you accidentally read. These things, obviously, don’t enrich your life. They don’t make you happy at all. Set a boundary. Mind your Facebook activity.

82. Failure Teaches us More Things Than Success

When you fail at something, life is sending you a message. It’s telling you there’s something you need to do. There’s something you need to improve or change or let go or accept. Success, on the other hand, boosts your ego. Failures are what you need to learn something new.

83. You Are Not Someone Else

You’ve been told that for you to look presentable; you need to wear a certain outfit; you need to style your hair, you need to own that stuff; and on and on. Society wants to make you someone you really are not. For them, your preferences are wrong. But that’s just the norm. As long as you’re not causing harm to yourself, to others, and the environment, nothing’s wrong with your preferences. You have a choice.

84. You Always Criticize Their Content, Why?

Every time you find yourself criticizing others’ content online, make sure you fully understand the context and you fully know the creator of the content. Make sure you have read everything and contemplated why they have that belief or how they got that perspective. If you don’t, then you just want to prove you’re right others are wrong.

85. Misleading “Advice” From Our Parents

Your parents are not always right and they don’t always know what’s best for you. Of course consider their advice in life or career. But pay attention to what you really love. If they want you to pursue things you don’t desire, you have a choice not to follow them. But what if you’re wrong? Then you learn.

86. In 352 Words, Here’s What I’ve Learned in Life

(1) The most invaluable things in life are free: Love, Inner Peace, Happiness — love yourself, make peace with yourself, be happy with what you have. (2) Happiness isn’t always about feeling good. It’s about accepting what you have, where you are, and what the world did to you — contentment. Read more here.

87. Thank You, Life

Being alive is a miracle. Be grateful for any kind of experience — whether good or bad. Good experiences enrich your life. The bad experiences teach you new things, make you resilient, and make you appreciate the good ones.

88. 3 Lessons I Learned From a 72-Year-Old Japanese Marine Engineer

(1) There’s no shortcut. Be patient. You have to build your foundation and put together the pieces needed to become a better individual; (2) Be Humble Despite Your Success. Let your actions and body of work speak for you; (3) You Don’t Have to Master a Foreign Language to Communicate. If they can’t understand you, try a different medium. Write or draw what you want to say.

89. Life is Unpredictable, Yet We Chase Security and Stability

It’s OK to have some security and stability. If you already have that, good for you. But if you’re still chasing it, be careful as it could rob your time living in the moment. Go plan for your future, but don’t fixate on it. Because whether or not you achieve it, life will always be imperfect and unpredictable.

90. A “Not So Good” Decision

Deciding can be tedious. You have to consider different factors. When making a decision, always think about the things you don’t want to compromise. Is that decision aligned with your true self? Is that decision aligned with who you really want to be? Is that decision the right thing to do for you? Your decisions are a reflection of the values you live by.

91. Remembering Your Painful Experiences, Why It’s Important?

Remembering your painful experience can remind you that life is not in constant euphoria. If you’re in a better situation right now, don’t waste it. Don’t take it for granted. Always be grateful. And don’t forget to be proactive.

92. Truths I Learned at 28

Most of our Leaders are Just Like Us — Confused; Most of the Time, We Create Our Own Money Problems; Religions Divide Humanity; Life is Not a Competition; Experiences are Better Than Material Possessions; No Matter How Careful We Are, We Still Make Mistakes; It’s Okay to Be Average; Love is the Greatest Power of Humankind; Everyone Knows They Will Die, But They’re Not Living the Life They Wanted to Live. Read here.

93. It’s Not Enough to Risk. Ask Yourself, “Is it Worth the Risk?”

Don’t risk on a whim. Just because it’s your dream and you see an opportunity doesn’t mean it’s always OK to jump in right away. It’s better to figure out the alternatives. And test them. The alternatives aren’t the answer. They only provide different routes to take. In some cases, however, the alternative turns out as the right thing.

94. Stop Spending All Your Time For Money. Create Something For People

Spending the majority of your waking hours working for money is stressful. People don’t always want your money. What they want instead are your creations. Yes, go earn money to support yourself and your loved ones, but make sure you also make time to create something useful (wherever you are, whatever you do). That is your legacy.

95. The One Trick You Can Do to Make Your Life Better

Change your negative reaction into a positive response.

96. A Short Letter to All Worried People

If you’re always worried about things you don’t have control over, you’re wasting a lot of time. Your worries are toxic. They kill you slowly. They make you paranoid. What percentage of your worries come true? Nothing. All your worries are just fears. They are illusions.

97. Do You Really Need Money to Be Happy, Solve All Your Problems, and Live a Better Life?

On Happiness: Happiness is accepting who you are, what you have, what you can do, what you can’t do, and what the world did to you. Acceptance, gratitude, and contentment don’t need money at all. On Solving ProblemsNot all problems need money to be solved. Sometimes you just need to see the problem from a different point of view (money then comes after). On Improving LifeThe first step to improving your life is to change your mind. Then take the necessary actions. You don’t need money to do that.

98. A Practical Guide to Solving Life Problems

How to find time to do what you love? Figure out what you really love doing in life and prioritize it, and remove — or at least minimize — the things that don’t serve a purpose. How to quit the job you hate? Build a bridge or develop a new skill. Read more tips here.

99. You Have a Power, And That is to Take Full Responsibility

You can argue all day about who ought to rule our nation. Or how people should treat you. Or who ought to give you opportunities. Or how your parents should raise you. But in the end, nothing will have changed. Rather than pointing a finger at someone else, take full responsibility of your own life. Don’t rely on others.

100. Your Happiness Or Other People’s Happiness? (Try the Middle Path)

When making big decisions in life, you often end up with two paths to choose: (1) For your happiness; (2) For others’ happiness. What to do? Position yourself in the “middle path.” This means, test all the options available. Spend time experiencing option 1. Then go back to the middle (reflect). And then another time for option 2, go back to the middle again. And then decide.

101. How to Add More Years to Your Life? Maybe 5 Years More

Figure out the things that don’t really add value to your life or things that aren’t aligned with what you’re trying to accomplish. These could be social media, watching TV, or bar hopping. Remove them from your life. If you can’t, at least minimize. Now you have more years to live the life you dream for yourself.

102. Important Questions to Ask Yourself if You Want to Live a Good Life

What if money were no object, will I still do what I do? Am I building the foundation I need to become the person I want to be? What makes me excited or fascinated or curious? What are the things I worship?  Am I living the life I want for myself? More here.

103. The Side Effect of Regularly Consuming Mainstream Media

Mainstream news is designed to make you anxious and confused. Facebook news feed is designed to make you feel envious. Anything about mainstream is either to entertain or scare you so you’ll buy their agenda. And that’s not the life you want to live.

104. Don’t tell Everything. Some People Want Easy to Understand Answers

You don’t need to detail every single thing unless people are looking for it. Go straight to your point. Share what they need to know. Just the right amount. Wait if they ask for more questions.

105. A Reminder to People Planning to Start a Creative Project

Ask yourself, “Why?” Why do you want to start a creative project? It’s fine if you don’t know your reason yet. The key is to be aware of your “why” or “why you don’t have a why”. However, when you know your why, you will figure out the “how” in the process. That’s it.

106. Some People Say They’re Rich and Financially Free, The Next Thing They Do is Start a Cult

Beware of those people who make a following using their promises and visions. You’ll see that they’ve become super rich through their words, promises, beliefs, and so-called programs. Don’t just blindly follow them. Be skeptic. Do your own research.

107. The Pursuit of Status: Why We Keep Doing Things to Be Liked and Accepted

At some point, you will try to elevate your social status. That’s human nature. You want to feel seen, safe, and secure. Nothing’s evil with that. But you have to tame it, control it, minimize it, and even stop at some point. Otherwise, you’ll end up on your deathbed full of regrets, realizing that there are more important things you should have done.

108. Lurking on Social Media isn’t the Solution if you Want to Make Things Happen

Social media itself isn’t bad. But it could become a distraction. If you have big dreams and you really want to make them happen, you need to minimize your mindless social media time, and instead work on them. Your time is running out. Focus on what truly matters.

109. For Content Creators: What Are You Doing? What’s Your Purpose?

Being a content creator doesn’t only mean building a large audience and becoming famous. Of course, you can have those as reasons. That’s your choice. But ask yourself your true purpose. Be honest. Once you know your purpose for creating content, ask yourself again whether that purpose is fulfilling to you. Only you can tell.

110. You May Think You’re Stuck, But the World Keeps Moving

The next time you feel you’re stuck, find a different point of view. Consider that as an opportunity to reflect, learn, and become stronger. Because maybe you’re not really stuck. Maybe your situation right now is what you really need to deeply understand yourself and the reasons why you do what you do.

111. Life in 3 Hours (Everyone is Trying to Survive)

What happened in the last 3 hours? There’s a lot. But you never notice it because you only live inside your head. As often as you can, be fully present and try to observe what’s happening around you. Everything is temporary.

112. The Regular Guy: In Defense of Being a Regular Person

It’s OK if you’re just an average person. Just be honest with yourself — what you can do and what you can’t do right now. Nothing’s wrong with it. You don’t have to impress others. And do things because you believe it matters, not because you want to be popular or dominant.

113. It’s Not the End of the World

At some point, you will be the victim of other people’s mistakes. That will likely happen. It’s out of your control. Instead of reacting, blaming, and berating others, focus on the solutions. Learn from the experience and do something to make things better. Avoid overreacting. After all, it’s not the end of the world.

114. It Starts With How You Think

The way you think contributes a lot to how you live. What you’re experiencing or pursuing right now is the result of your thoughts — the way you think. Your thoughts become your actions. Your actions, then, become results. If you’re not satisfied with the results, then it’s probably the way you think is incongruent with who you really are and what you truly want. To change the results, change the way you think first.

115. What Happens if You Always Think You’re Certain?

The moment you believe that you are absolutely certain, that you know everything, that you’re an expert, that’s also the moment you start closing your mind. Remember, a healthy dose of uncertainty in what you believe or do isn’t that bad. It’s possible that others’ ideas or opinions or beliefs are what you need to better understand life.

116. 3 Daily Mantras

(1) Choose your thoughts; (2) Focus on the things that matter; (3) Don’t live with regrets; Read here.

117. Sometimes Your Opinion is Totally Irrelevant to Reality

Most of your opinions are totally irrelevant to reality. Reality doesn’t care about what you say at all. Opinions are just a fragment of what people feel or think. They aren’t (completely) facts. Catch yourself every time you insist your own opinions. Hopefully you’ll realize that they aren’t really helpful.

118. Rewire Your Brain

What you believe or feel right now is greatly influenced by the culture you grew up with. Most of the things you used to believe as true or false / right or wrong could be the opposite. Before making any conclusions, ask yourself: “Is it really true? Am I right? What if I’m wrong?”

119. Beware of Fake People

At some point, you’ll encounter fake people. They will take advantage of your goodness. And they will drain your energy. Stay alert. Be careful. Avoid engaging with them.

120. You Will Die

Regardless of your age, your wealth, your race, or whatever your circumstances are, any day could be your last day alive. This is reality. Death is beyond your control. And it’s non-negotiable. So stop wasting your time. Do what you need to do. Pursue what you need to pursue. Say what you need to say. Focus on the things that truly matter to you.

121. Will it Still Matter Next Month?

Who is the best presidential candidate? Who should be the winner of this year’s NBA finals? What should the government do to better the country? — a few issues you probably encounter in daily life. They might be important at some level, but they’re beyond your control. And the worst part is that in the coming days, or months, or years… they don’t really matter at all. Imagine the amount of time and energy you wasted when engaging in those issues.

122. It’s Okay to Change What You Think or Believe

What are the things you used to believe or think as right? Do they still hold the same level of truth that they used to have the first time you encounter them? Challenge them. Question their relevance. Be free to change your mind about it. Changing what you used to think or believe is not a sign of weakness — it’s a sign that you’re growing.

123. Stop Fantasizing About the Results, Instead Focus on the Real Work

Whatever definition you have about success, one thing is always certain: Success is a byproduct of putting in the work. If you only find yourself fantasizing about the results, yet you’re not putting in the real work, it’s likely that you only love the idea or the result. You don’t really love the process at all. You’re not willing to suffer for it. The work is what will make your dreams come true.

124. What to Learn From People You Don’t Like

If you don’t like someone, it’s likely they did awful things to others or yourself. Remember, you don’t control other people’s actions. You can only control your reaction. Don’t allow anger to take over. If you don’t like what they did to you, the best way to avenge yourself is not to be like them.

125. Does it Make You Feel Good Inside?

Ask yourself if what you’re doing or pursuing makes you fulfilled at the end of the day. Or if that makes you proud as a human being. The external rewards — money and status — may matter at times. They have their own place. But what’s the point if the process (or even the rewards) doesn’t even make you feel good inside?

126. Anger Will Destroy You

Manage your anger. If you don’t, it will destroy not only you, also others. The first step is to acknowledge it. Be aware it’s there. Breathe deeply and realize that you and those people who have hurt you are learning there’s no point taking things seriously. If you can’t do that, just walk away and be alone for a while.

127. Why is Your Life Miserable?

You depend your happiness on others. You always compare yourself to others. You want people to admire you. You want all things to be perfect. You never discipline yourself. You stop learning important life skills. You always react to things beyond your control. And these are just a few things that make your life miserable.

128. It’s Not Other People’s Job to Make You Happy

People will hurt you. They will bring you down. Even if you care for them, they’ll never care back. That’s reality. The best thing you can do is to never depend your happiness on others. If they hurt you, just realize that they’re imperfect beings like you. There’s only one person who can make you happy — that’s you.

129. Books and Blogs Read in 2018 (1 Lesson)

A life-changing quote from “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius:

“When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself: the people I deal with today will be meddling, ungrateful, arrogant, dishonest, jealous and surly. They are like this because they can’t tell good from evil. But I have seen the beauty of good, and the ugliness of evil, and have recognized that the wrongdoer has a nature related to my own – not of the same blood and birth, but the same mind, and possessing a share of the divine. And so none of them can hurt me. No one can implicate me in ugliness. Nor can I feel angry at my relative, or hate him. We were born to work together like feet, hands and eyes, like the two rows of teeth, upper and lower. To obstruct each other is unnatural. To feel anger at someone, to turn your back on him: these are unnatural.”

130. Your Standards Are Making You Miserable

Setting high standards can propel you to do a better job. Being fixated on it for a very long time, however, can be dangerous. “Standards” are subjective. They might change depending on your situation.

131. You Become What You Consume

The information you consume regularly will eventually become your thoughts. And that will influence the way you lead your life. You have a choice what to consume. Bad stuff or good stuff?

132. Insights on Living a Good Life

(1) Carry a healthy dose of skepticism wherever you are. (2) Your pre-existing beliefs aren’t static. It’s okay to change your mind. (3) Simplify everything in your life. (4) If you’re always frustrated and disappointed, that’s a sign you don’t understand how the world works. Read more here.

133. “The Story of the Chinese Farmer” by Alan Watts

The bad cannot exist without the good. Good cannot exist without the bad. Avoid judging your circumstances. Nobody knows what it is. Alan Watts said, “You never know what will be the consequence of the misfortune; or, you never know what will be the consequences of good fortune.”

134. If You Think Your Idea Is Useless, Then Test It

The only way to determine whether or not your idea is useless is to test it. What if you fail? Then glad that you’ve learned something from trying. If you still want it, then test it again. It’s always a win-win.

135. The Most Embarrassing Mistake I Did and What I Learned from a Police Officer

An embarrassing mistake: Forgetting something important because you’re trying to juggle many things at once. A lesson from a police officer: Never assume even though you’re absolutely certain.

136. The Cost of Your Ambitions

Ambitions aren’t free. They come at a price: health, time, energy, money, and relationships. Time, energy, and money are obviously the most common costs. But others go too far they sacrifice their health and relationships. If that’s what you do, that’s up to you. But be careful. You’re ruining what really matters.

137. Your Reactions Aren’t Helping, Do Something

The next time you’re about to react to random things, stop and breathe deeply. Ask yourself what you can do to make things a little bit better. Any unnecessary reaction is wasted time and energy, which you could have spent on things that lead to solutions.

138. Where Do You Get The Time to Criticize?

Every second you criticize someone, you lose a second you could have used to learn things relevant to your goals. A second to do something meaningful. Here’s a challenge: Every time you feel the urge to criticize someone, think about what you can do instead to make things better.

139. Ignore and Move On

The easiest way to be miserable is to care too much about every single thing. But when you ignore most nonsense and just focus only on the few things that matter, you’ll be more peaceful. You have more time for the things that matter to you. More space for opportunities and memorable experiences and meaningful relationships.

140. Why You Need to Lower Your Expectations

When the reality of your life is better than your expectations, you are happy. And when the reality is worse than your expectations, you are unhappy. If you want to be happy (most of the time) with whatever you’re doing, the trick is to have low expectations.

141. Do You Really Need it? It’s Just FOMO

Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean you should do it. Just because everyone has it doesn’t mean you should have it. It’s just fear of missing out (FOMO). If you truly know what you want and what you don’t want, you can bypass FOMO.

142. Is What You’re Doing Worth the Time and Energy?

Question all the things you’re doing right now. Be brutally honest. If most of those things aren’t worth the time and energy, stop (or minimize) doing them. If you’re still doing them, know that you’re wasting your life. It’s always your choice.

143. You’re Not Doing It, Because It’s Not What You Really Want

If you keep talking about that one thing you really want to do, yet you’re not doing it… it’s likely you don’t truly want it. Or maybe you want it, but not that bad enough that you’d do everything to make it happen. Or maybe you just love the idea of doing it, but not the actual work that it entails.

144. Drop Your Excuses: Get Inspired or Be an Inspiration

Being not inspired isn’t an excuse for not achieving your dreams. Drop the excuses. Inspiration is everywhere. Look around. See how others pursue their dreams — how they work, the things they sacrifice, what methods they use, and so on.

145. It’s Not About What You Know, But What You Do

Knowing and doing are two different things. What you know doesn’t matter. It’s what you do on a regular basis that matters more. Knowledge is just a tool. Action, on the other hand, will move you forward.

146. Stop Talking, Start Doing

Those who talk more are the ones not doing the actual work. They’re busy talking. Those who talk less are the ones busy grinding to achieve their dreams. Talking is the easiest. Doing is the hardest. If you want results, talk less and do the real work.

147. Truths I Learned at 29

Most people know what they shouldn’t do, but they do it anyway; People are prone to self-destruction; Every person experiences different kinds of shit; Most advice is just good in theory; You can’t change people; People are always afraid of something; We think we’re always right; People will fail you; We lack understanding of human nature; Learn to forgive. Read here.

148. When Things are Okay, Prepare for the Worst

If you believe you’re rich already, you’re prone to waste your money. If you’re healthy, you’re prone to engage in unhealthy behaviors. If you get too comfortable, you unconsciously let your guard down. Always prepare for the worst. Make a Plan B. Be proactive. Build your own safety net.

149. What is Meaningful to You?

Be aware of the things that give you meaning. If having millions in your bank account is more meaningful than becoming an artist, go do it. If traveling the world or becoming a sculptor is more meaningful, go do it. What matters is that you know the thing that gives you meaning — and you really pursue it.

150. Isn’t it a Miracle You’re Still Alive?

You have no control over any of the world’s calamities. You can only prepare. No full control over wars, famine, global warming, and so on. But here you are, alive and reading and thinking. Pause for a second and be grateful you’re still breathing. That means you can still do something to make your life or other lives better.

151. To Live a Peaceful Life, Ignore Others’ Drama

Most of the time, your reactions aren’t necessary. Acknowledge the anger (or any reactions), and then let go. It takes a lot of practice. But it’s one way to stay sane and composed. Nobody’s perfect. Some people couldn’t help themselves but fall into drama. No need to take things personally.

152. Get Some Perspective

It’s easy to complain, burst with anger, and blame others for your unhappiness. But you’re not always right. Often you don’t see your flaws. You don’t see other possibilities. Always try to find a different point of view.

153. The World Doesn’t Always Work Your Way

Not everything you planned or imagined will come to fruition. There are things beyond your control. Some things are just meant to happen whether you like them or not. It’s less stressful if you don’t force things to happen, and just accept whatever the outcome of your pursuits or other people’s pursuits.

154. Try to Be Less Judgmental

Everyone you meet is experiencing a battle you know nothing about. They’re just good at hiding it. Most negative behaviors are secondary. The primary actions are mostly hidden. Instead of judging their actions, try to understand what could be the reason they did what you don’t want them to do.

155. Share Your Ideas

While some ideas don’t need to be shared immediately (they should be marinated first), some are better if shared with others. Who knows what they could become, or how many lives you can change.

156. The Instant Happiness Pill?

Eyes closed. Think about all the things you’re grateful for. Accept wherever you are or whatever happened to you. Think about any people you value or who value you. Think about the possibilities you can do with your skills or resources. Think about all the things you can do while you’re still alive. Contentment + Gratitude + Acceptance = Happiness

157. Slow Down, You’re Not in a Race

Some things are not meant to be accomplished in a month or year. Some things need an incredible amount of time (and energy) to develop and grow. Being fast isn’t always a requirement. Take it slowly and be present. Consistency is more important.

158. Some Problems You Think Are Not Actually Problems

The real problem is not the awful things happening around you — it’s your broken idea about what life should be. Your ideals are the ones making you miserable. While it’s good to have ideals, it’s not always helpful to stick to them. Learn to let go.

159. Less Consumption, More Action

You have the tools for building almost anything. And with the Internet around, you have more opportunities and alternatives than ever. Limit your consumption of unnecessary information or entertainment. Your time is running out. Take more action.

160. Who Are You? Be Careful What You Say to Others

Be careful what you tell others about who you are or what you can do. What you’ll say to them will be the basis of their expectations of you. Always tell the truth. That is less stressful and more liberating.

161. You Are Not There Yet, Keep Going

If you’re aiming for something phenomenal — a masterpiece art, a useful invention or product, a profitable business, a movement that will better the world — and you don’t want to waste time and energy, then stop broadcasting your silly teeny-weeny achievements on social media. Channel your time and energy into learning and improving. Because you’re not there yet. Maybe someday, you will.

162. Focus on What Matters Now

Love, Kindness, Generosity, Empathy, Hope, Optimism, and Faith — are the things that matter most amid the pandemic crisis (COVID-19). Sharpen your focus on what truly matters. Ask yourself what you can do to make a difference. Spread positivity to any people you know.

163. Positivity, Hope, and Faith

Practicing positivity and having hope and faith is more beneficial — it gives you the fuel to persevere amid the challenging times (COVID-19), and develop inner peace. You’ll never have full control. But you can always choose how to respond.

164. The Internet is Made of People — Connect

Amid the pandemic crisis (or any global crisis), you don’t truly know what it’s like for others. You don’t know what the future holds. Use the Internet to connect with people even those living on the other side of the planet. Don’t take it for granted. Ask how they’re doing. Ask how they feel. Listen to their story. Comfort them if they need it. Do whatever it takes. Caring is always free.

165. Pandemic Crisis: When Criticizing Becomes a Priority

The hours you spent criticizing others are hours you could have spent on more important matters. You could have used those hours for calling a loved one, or cultivating inner peace like meditation or praying, or learning a new skill. Don’t let your desire-to-be-always-right dictate your actions. It’s always better to understand, rather than trying to be right.

166. So You Want to Escape the Pandemic? Time Travel

If you wish to escape the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, just imagine you were alive during the 1918 – 1920 Spanish Flu era. What were you doing at that time? Your experience today is way better than that of people during the 1918 pandemic. You have the Internet and computer and smartphone. Use those as your leverage.

167. Snow Inside a Shot Glass, Flew Across the Pacific

If you think it’s impossible, think again. Maybe it’s not. Maybe there’s a way and nobody has yet to try it.
Find a different point of view. Figure it out. Innovate. Ship.

168. Reminders for Living a Fulfilled Life

Be the master of your emotions (your reactions); Understand human behavior (study Psychology and Philosophy); Don’t waste time proving you’re always right. Do the things that energize your soul. Don’t live a life others expect you to live. Believe but don’t fully subscribe. Read more here.

169. On Owning a Smartphone

While smartphones have advantages, most users will likely become addicted to them over time. The root of the problem lies in how people use the device. Rather than using smartphones to better their lives, they use them to escape life. If you can’t get rid of your phone, at least use it intentionally. Know its purpose. Set limitations. Use it to better your life and the people around you. Control the device, otherwise, it will control you.

170. Every Tiny Progress Counts

If you’re starting to learn a craft, you don’t have to become a master right away. Any small progress will do. If you can commit to deliberate practice every single day, you’re on track to mastery. Sooner or later you’ll reach the skill level you wanted for yourself. And when you reach that, keep pushing. Who knows what you’re capable of?

171. There Are More Interesting Things Outside Your Work

Some people are so used to doing what they do (work or business) they can’t imagine themselves doing other things. So when things go wrong and they lose their jobs or businesses, they freak out. On the other hand, there are also people who quickly realize that life is not over and there are so many things to do other than their usual routines. They just adapt and move on. Which one are you?

172. The Participants of Chaos

Inside the realms of social media: 1) The person who creates chaos; 2) The person who reacts to the person who created the chaos; 3) The platform serving the two participants. Here’s what happens: One person will post something negative, and people react to it. The result is compounding chaos. Unfortunately, these platforms don’t want to control what’s happening. Instead, they take advantage of it. If only the participants realize they can stop and get out of that place immediately. It’s always their choice.

173. Books and Blogs Read in 2019 (1 Lesson)

Every time you watch, listen or read something online, ask yourself whether or not it adds value to your life. If not, then stop it. When you are more intentional with the information you consume, you can save tons of time and energy.

174. The Seeker and The Righteous

Two kinds of people: (1) Seeker; (2) Righteous. The Righteous people want to be always right and prove others are wrong. The Seekers seek to understand the reason why others do what they do. Which one are you?

175. Brain Scans to Fully Understand Behaviors

Don’t quickly judge bad people based on their behaviors. Behaviors are not the problem — it’s an expression of the problem. It’s possible that they have brain damage. Dr. Daniel Amen explains it well. Check this video.

176. The One Tiny Sand (Why Many People Give Up)

When trying to achieve your wildest dreams, remember that you or the people around you aren’t the only ones to be taken into account. There are unknown forces out there that need to be considered: (1) The right environment; (2) The right tools; (3) The right timing. Read the story here.

177. What’s Your Advantage?

If you have a well-functioning mind and body, that’s already your advantage. There’s no excuse why you can’t achieve your dreams or reach your highest potential. You have an advantage one way or another. Don’t squander it. Use it to achieve your dreams, and better yourself, your situation, and the people around you.

178. It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

Your desire for perfection could be a good thing in some cases. The downside is that sometimes, it ruins the fun. It hinders progress. Worse, you never start anything. Know whether what you’re doing needs perfection or not. In the case of making art, it doesn’t have to be. When people like what you’ve created, that doesn’t always mean it’s perfect. It just means they can relate to it.

179. A Journey to the 2 Different Worlds

You exist in 2 different worlds. The first world is inside your head.  It’s what you imagine about yourself. It’s how you perceive things happening around you. It’s your own perfect world. The second world is inside other people’s heads. In that world, you exist differently. For your true friends, you exist as a flawed human being who makes mistakes. Still they accept you. On the other hand, you’re the antagonist in the worlds of people who hate you. There’s nothing you can do about it.

180. A Work in Progress

It’s a complete waste of time when you berate others for their mistakes. Because that person you’re about to criticize… is a work in progress, just like you. Everyone’s a work in progress. Don’t waste time arguing and fighting.

181. Do You Really Need a Bachelor’s Degree?

Getting a bachelor’s degree may be the trend in the past, but it has become outdated. These days, it isn’t the only way to learn, become great, and hopefully succeed in life. Maximize what technology offers and figure out what works for you (of course, there are exceptions).

182. Others’ Agendas

Are you pursuing it because you really want it? Or is it because you’re just following others? Understand your true self — who you are and what you truly desire. Don’t follow the herd. Forge your own path.

183. Extracts from Motivational Speeches (Self-discipline)

(1) “Self-discipline is not punishment — it is the definition of self-love. It is training yourself to become a better version.” (2) “If you want to learn self-discipline, learn to be okay with discomfort. Do things that seem impossible to you.”

184. Nobody Wants to Suffer, But That’s What We Need (Sometimes)

It is through suffering that you learn the most about life. The more you experience it, the more you become wiser. It gives you a new perspective on what it feels to be in a place you dislike. Suffering + Reflection = Wisdom

185. Change it, Leave it, Accept it

If you can’t change it, then leave. If you can’t leave, then change. If you can’t change or leave, then accept whatever it is. There’s no right or wrong way. Every situation is unique.

186. It’s Not Their Fault

It’s stupid to blame others for not achieving your dreams, or for not being fulfilled or successful. Whatever you did in the past, you’re the one who made the decision — not them.

187. Happiness Formula

Gratitude + Contentment + Acceptance = Happiness

188. It’s Happening Right Now

The more you want to reach a“fantasized” situation, the more you become unhappy. Nothing’s really wrong with your current life situation. It’s just your mind trying to find flaws, trying to label something as bad.

189. You are “You”

If the government collapses tomorrow, you’re still you. If the economy collapses tomorrow, you’re still you. If the world ends tomorrow, you’re still you. No matter what you do or what others do, at the end of the day, you still end up with yourself. You’re still you.

190. Truths I Learned at 30

The pain or adversity we experience today will probably influence our actions in the future; Envy will ruin us; Most of our wants are driven by insecurity; Loved-based actions vs fear-based actions; The shallow things are (still) the material possessions, high status, and fame; It won’t happen the way we wanted it to be; Who said we fully know ourselves; If we always feel right, we haven’t looked at different perspectives yet; We only see the advantages of the things we are experiencing; It’s not what you say. Read here.

191. Money or Time? Awareness and Boundary

Nothing’s wrong with choosing more time over more money. Or choosing more money over more time. Be aware of what you really need (right now). Then set a clear boundary to prevent you from overworking or overindulging.

192. Old Belief, New Belief

If you’re wondering why you haven’t achieved your goal despite the time and energy you’ve exerted, maybe you haven’t changed your underlying belief about it. Once you change your belief, your action and approach will change as well. Eventually, you’ll achieve what you intended to achieve.

193. Flush Them Out

If someone hurt you or you made a terrible mistake and now you’re feeling down, ask yourself whether those feelings of emptiness, hatred, embarrassment or any negativity really matter on a grand scale. Remember you’re dying every second. There’s no point getting stuck with those feelings. Get rid of them.

194. Not the Best, But Useful

Don’t always try to be the best. What most people really want is not the best. People want what is useful (to them). If you can be useful to others, you’re way ahead than those trying to become the best.

195. The Art of Catching Yourself

Can you catch yourself every time you want to prove you’re right, while others are wrong? Try to pause before doing (or in the middle of) a toxic behavior. If you can do that regularly, things will start to change. Less stress. Less negativity.

196. Creating with Less Stress

When creating something, it’s OK to suck at first. Don’t overthink about being perfect or being the best. If your creations are useful to a few people, then that’s enough. Keep going.

197. Your Most Important Mission

Your most important mission is to keep examining yourself and your life. It is your full responsibility to understand your internal world. Because you’re always changing. You are formless. A work in progress.

198. Unexpected Lessons From Our Second Company Trip

Online profiles are not our true selves; We share the same fears and dreams; Authenticity wins (be your true self); We create time and energy if we want to make things happen; Meaningful experiences matter more than we think; Human connection is priceless; Be proactive; A team that works together wins together; A little fun/humor goes a long way; It’s not impossible.

199. Knowing Without Understanding

You’ll never fully understand something through reading, or listening, or watching. You know it but you don’t understand. True understanding takes place when you apply what you’ve learned to real life — when you actually experience it.

200. Welcome to the “Land of Learning Process”

Every person you know (or everyone on this planet) is learning something. Nobody actually understands what they’re doing. They’re not sure why. They’re just trying to figure things out. And you are no exception. What’s the point of criticizing?

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